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I got this request the other day from the lovely Paula …

Hi Mike! I am going to write my biography as soon as possible and after I will send it to you. Thanks for all. And there is a question, my fetish friends ask you if you sell a calendar made for you with fetish photographs with a femdom and models from the fitness, and where can they buy it?

Now, the biography part – its so I can put something more for her on the translator bios page – I suppose I could keep using the default bio she’s got online somewhere, but that would be doing Madam a disservice and (more importantly) that great work she’s done for me!

I’ve no idea HOW she manages to do so much – Italian, French, German, Spanish – and more translations, all perfectly done.

I once asked her, and she said “much like me, she’s always busy with something” which I can relate to, that is how yours truly fits so much into his day – always doing SOMETHING! (focused on SOMETHING).

Still, I can’t shake the feeling Madam has a team, but I dont really mind either way, her work is superb!

Anyway – point of this is to tell you that physical products, right now?

Plans are in the works, but as of NOW (and I think Madam wants a calendar with sexy femdominas and fit looking models – as I write about in my BOOKS, hehe – which is what I asked her, did her “fetish friends” read the books? Hehe. Probably!) … no, we dont sell physical items other than BOOKS through our site (ie. paperbacks for books, and hardcovers if applicable too!).

Those are some great options to choose as well if you’re old fashioned like I am and digital downloads aren’t necessarily your thing…(thang, hehe). Never could completely get rid of that lovely Southern accent!

But you know, physical items are a great idea – I’ve got plenty of plans for that down the line as well!

Lubes, dildos, toys, all of it … all will come from HERE, Mike Watson, the real Mc Coy of femdom, fetish and all related …

As for now, no, they’re not offered on this site.

But – write back if YOU have any ideas for what YOU would like to see on this site apart from our award winning, bestselling books and manuals.

Remember, it’s only if I get feedback from YOU that I know what YOU WANT.

So dont be shy – write in!

And last, but not least, remember, to grow to the next level, there is only so much I can do on my lonesome.

I need YOUR SUPPORT too, my friends.

I mean, a lot of you are just sitting on the list, doing nothing – step up, show some “love”, buy some books, send in some reviews (and get some auto discounts, hehe) – and more!

I mean, do something, support us – to those that do already – thank you! – this is more for the “do nothing’s”, which as of late seems to have grown substantially has that category as well.

Lets ALL Make this the BEST place in the world for fetish and all else related!


Mike Watson

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