My lovely BIG – and “sweet mouth” that gets result – in all ways, sissy! And so should YOURS.


So should YOURS! So you need to start TRAINING right way, boy!

But anyway …

Chinese girls have often told me the following (in fact, a lot tell me this, in fact, I think ALL have!) .

Initally that is, before the whack to the side of the head comes.

THE SIDE OF The HEAD! And sometimes, the side of the PENIS head right after cumming too, as Carol in her giggly way once did. Luckily she didnt tap the phimotic head! 😉

But anyway, so they say this.

“You’ve got a sweet mouth!”

Before thanking me up and down ….

And before whats above.

And no, flattery isn’t the key to anything bro.

Really, for you budding femdom lovers out there – all the flattery and “Madam’s” in the worl will get you ZILCH all unless you REALLY MEAN IT.

And if you reall ymean it, text in black and white without any emoticons or flattery will do it!

Believe me, some things can’t be faked. Especially not the vibe that comes from the subconscsious.

And does it get results?

Well – femdom wise – YOU be the judge!

OF course, sissy wise too.

I have naturally big and thick lips, and round cheeks, which lend themselves so well to being a cute little sissy, and wrapping those lips around a cock head!

And being I follow the same principles I teach you – ALL the cocks I’ve sucked have been very “satisfied” – I’ll say that much!

I still remember Jeremy sinking back into the sofa, drunk and contended as I dropped to my knees, and pulled his pants down after he got us more beer.

Like a real man would!

And as he drank, I sucked him again.

And he said the following with a sign of contentment!

“You’re good, man!”

(HOW I WISH he’d have said “boy!”)

And this after a long bout of “denial” and him laughing “of course Michael’s not gay” as I sucked his cock!

(If I wasn’t in denial then, I’d have another tale for you. But hey, these things happen for a reason).

Come to terms with who you are, my friend. It’s something I mention in Cuck Central and all my courses. With good reason.

Do so, and you’ll never look back – or up from his loins and her feet, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – And we KNOW thats what you WANT, sissies and faggots! Hehe.

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