“Did I lick his ass”?

There’ve been so many assholes I have licked, serviced, worshipped, each one a world unto itself, that I forge t- muah.

Nah – not really. Hehe.

Last night, amongst yet another medley of dreams – my friend Rueben came in it.

I can’t remember the specifics, but it was something he said before “I’ve already seen it before!”

Translation – he saw me NAKED before hehe.

And, I woke up thinking for some reason – did I lick his butt?

Of course I did, I remember the SMELL, MUSK and MUST of his butt, but especially that beauty of a dong he had, the head one of the most perfect ones I’ve ever seen – after Master WANG, of course!

But pretty close, pink, pretty and white ..  muah.

Anyway – where am I leading up to with this – well, in short – I was lying down, thinking of what every sissy does and should – in that order – think of – in terms of bliss – after sucking and being fucked. Hehe.

After sissygasms … or with it, MEN groping your body hungrily, feeling your soft arms, man tits or tits, seeing your pretty lips, face, as Carol said “a girl should always smell good, look good, and FEEL good!” …

Horny HUNGRY MEN wanting one thing – your HOLES!

With all the manly, “dirty”, sweaty smells …

Deep voices, long dicks!

Those strong arms on my HEAD forcing it down! (hands).

And more!

It’s a huge, huge turn on my friend – and naturally, every sissy should attempt to be the best version of HERSELF before attempting to please men!

And the way to do that is outlined in one of our by far most popular courses (for why click here) Sissy Central! 

You’ll want to jump on this NOW, my friend.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

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