An idiot just got back to me about ass worship

So called “Manly” man got back to me, I should say – in reality, his body is as sissified as ever could be – which probably attracted me to him in the first place.

But he wants to be stud, as so many wanna be Dom’s do – but of course, has NO clue what true subs feel like – or what true doms feel – and therefore, has NO Idea.

Check out these comments he sent me –

I decided to take a nap because I was tired
And I wake up with a 1000 messages from you which I don’t know where to begin to answer all of that

Nothing, to me spells out LOSER in big huge letters more than people who claim “they’re too busy” to read or other excuses (sound familiar??) – but when THEY need something, they’re more than happy to pester you – as he did later –

Now wish me a good night
You have 5 minutes
Otherwise I’m gonna have to punish you
Sat 11:34 AM
Only two minutes left
Sat 11:37 AM
Time’s over
When I wake up you are going to be punished
Enjoy while you can

I remember giggling when I saw this nonsense.

Guy’s clearly never either dommed or subbed, another frustrated wannabe (like a Glyn Schofield mentioned on the outed page, hehe).

(in Birmingham England).

Anyway, he clearly doesnt understand the concept of TRUE domination- or REALLY taking it deep – pun and none – and most importantly, the RAGING LUST that drives it all!

If you dont have out of control, raging lust when you look at your Dominant or Submissive (I capitalized both for a reason – RESPECT!) – then you ain’t really a fetish lover, period. 

If it doesnt make you WEAK, out of control, so much so you send, or want to send simpering, BLABBERING Messages all day not caring what the world think – then you ain’t a real sub.

And if those messages dont turn you on as a dom, you’re not just a real dom, but an idiot (note, I told this guy to set up rules – whatever he wanted, at least you’d have an agreement – but he never did. Hehe. That would have required him to think).

I asked him if he could send my picture to his friends, sissy style, if he “IT skills”.

“What is IT skills” he asked.


Idiota, as a certain Rod Steiger would say in that campy Spanish accent of his, hehe (the Specialist).

But anyway ………….

I still didnt block or censure him, I was giving him many chances, but his comments AFTER THAT – when I Spoke about how much I wanted to kiss his BUTT cheeks, wipe his ass etc – what a male GOD he was (his answer – I dont know – DUH, YOU FOOL!) (which real maledom says that?? He is a broke ass college student trying to make a buck on the side is what it is, hehe) ….

or another glyn schofield…

But after that – THIS.

Toilet stuff
Like come on,do you really have the nerve to tell me all of that?
It disgust me

The straw that broke the camels back both literally and proverbially and figuratively, and dont get me wrong – it aint just because he aint into it.

as I keep saying, its not WHAT you say, its HOW you say it.

And the WAY, the VIBE…

First, doesnt keep an open mind – second, everything I said above proves he’s not just a newbie, but not a real dominant (and looking at his Twitter profile, he “wants to be dominated and dominate” – clear sign he is not really into either) – fourth – his “NO!!!!!!” when he WANTED to see pictures of other men’s dongs (“Why not!” was what he said) – and when I Sent it – proved he was another one of those nuts who are UNCOMFORTABLE in their real skins (he’s a sissy, as is proven by his comment to me before “I’m manlier than you” – I mean really, what real man has to say that, hehe, it’s self evident!) ….

… fifth, most importantly, even if you aren’t into ass worship!!?

Look at the reviews and sales Serving an Indian Goddess – and Pooja Memsahib JI! have received, both HEAVY on this.

Much like cock and soles, it’s a natural progression sandwiched in between and along with it, if you ain’t MAKING yourself be into it for him or her, or dont want to, you’re not a real sub, if you dont Dom that way (even if you dont DO It actually) you ain’t a real dom. Period!

HOW he said it matters.

Sixth, even if he’s not into it – as you can tell from my other comments … even people not into fetish in general love my stuff.

He clearly doesn’t get it.

But why I blocked him eventually had nothing to do with all the above.

It was the whiny, self entitled, not even bratty comment “How dare you have the nerve”

Only REAL sissies and pussies, and I dont mean fetish wise make comments like that. Hehe.

girls do all the time!

And thats fine!

But I’ve never seen a maledom worth his salt, or even a man make such comments.


And that was the idiot I’m referring to!

Anyway, enough on him.

Ass worship is one of the most arousing things ever if done right, EVEN if you’re not into fetish, and pretty much INESCAPABLE if you’re into REAL D/S – period – no pun – and pun, sissy – it’s how you have your orgasms and periods for one, and wiping asses, shit worship, all takes it to a whole another level, if just mentally the THOUGHTS are what count! 

Not everyone has to actually do it all …

Anyway – thats it for this one.

To learn how to worship ass RIGHT – get my course on it  ; the 101 on it here – –

Ass Worship 101. 


Mike Watson

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