That vein on his dong is so INSPIRING!

And so sexy!

Last night, I saw another one of those “19 year old college boys” – with a dong that is not just massive, so massive it beggars belief, but its just so PRETTY! ?

(I wonder if these people are actually 19, or if its just the magic number – likely the latter, hehe).

You sissies and fags out there will love it – message me in case you’re interested (but yes, it will cost money, so if you’re cheap and broke, do, as a certain Goddess just say “keep your cheap, broke energy away from me“) …

That is just so HUGE!

I had to post.

It was!

This morning –

Master, you have the most beautiful penis ever! That weapon is SO ALPHA!!

Just everything, the penis, head, everything!

There is SOMETHING about that dong, not just big, shaped so nicely … when he pulls his shorts up, LONG SHORTS – he is SO HUGE it makes a bulge through there – it pokes through the bottom, the balls are massive to0!

Truly a stud, his body is sexy as well – black guy.

(as I was telling a certain Sophia the other day “my dark, BLACK body” … hehe).

Then, another video of his dick SWINGING and DANGING!!

We all know how that goes – oh MY!!

Anyway, this one isn’t about my simping – but I had to a bit and probably will more. Hehe. Neither is it an ode to huge penises – which admittedly come with their own problems – plumbing issues for one as an ex once famously said, and too big just HURTS for women. Hehe.

For sissies, it feels awesome, and especially when it hits up against the P SPOT – but LENGTH is required for that! Girth is important too, stretching that hole out is great, feels great as he pumps in – and more importantly – OUT!

Not to mention it gives you a great ab and core workout – hehe. Trust me, if you do it the way I teach in Sissy-Gasm Central, SEX truly IS the best exercise – and then some, and the best part? You are literally RELAXING AND ENJOYING THE ENTIRE PROCESS!\

Bargain deal, I’d say – wouldn’t you? Hehe.

I dont see how you can say no…

Not to mention, the VEIN ON his penis!

The dong is a muscle like all others, my friend – and the more you use it, the more it “grows” – gets used to exertion – and the veins become more prominent!

That ONE vein running down the side of some of the most manly dongs tells you ALL you need to know about their staying capacity in bed – and their MANLINESS – real manliness – and how good of shape they’re in (if you’re not horny regularly, especially upon waking up, no morning wood etc as a famous friend of mine into fitness says – you’re not in good shape, period. Sorry if that offends, but it’s TRUE). 

(think about it, when you were young, how many times did you wake up without morning wood? It just didnt happen, did it?)

Anyway – this isn’t a pre sales pitch for the upcoming book Sissy Workouts .. and yes, stay TUNED for that one – like all my other books, you’ve NOT seen anything like this before, never will ANYWHERE.

It is to say this – increasingly, and it’s been this way for years, with all the isolation, all the videos, all the “we’re busy!” syndrome where people simply lock themselves inside their dumbphones, polarization and what not – RELATIONSHIPS have been taking a mammoth pounding and battering.

Hence, all the vibrators, sex toys, even “plastic dolls” and so forth …

Not just for those who can’t get none. Its for those who choose not to, or can’t due to other reasons.

But no matter what, the real thing feels better my friend.

The best orgasms I’ve had have been with a woman or  man – or on my LONESOME, NOT with these toys, even when they’re used as accessories.

though we’ll be selling them in the future – for now – remember this – your NIPPLES and anal region are the KEYS to your pleasure as a man – even if you’re a solo – actually, it works BEST solo sometimes!

And the keys to bliss like you’ve never experienced before are detailed in my two courses Nipplegasm Central – and Sissy-gasm Central. 

Along with that, 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE … and have him salivating for MORE! is another great book in this regard.

Yes, it all costs money, so if you’re too cheap to really do something for yourself, to enjoy yourself as you DESERVE ,well, thats on you …

But for the 1% remaining that believes in following their hearts – cutting out the BS and getting to the MEET – or MEAT – hehe of the matter, well, I’m here for you.

Thats it for this one.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – To marvel at all the different types of dongs out there is a joy in itself for sissies, and you’ll cum – literally – by reading my latest book on penises Penis Central. Get this one NOW.

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