Kiss Pooja’s feet, Kiss Pooja’s ass!

Pooja Memsahib is just such a Goddess!!!

And as I sit here right now, thinking about Madam, I want to drop down in utter supplication.

Wipe the sweat off her brow.

Take her shoes and kiss her soles several times, proclaiming nothing but OBSEIANCE to this magnificent, imperious, haughty and oh so demanding LADY!

And she deserves it!

And I’d like to serve her in ways beyond what I normally mention.

The back, for instance isn’t mentioned a lot when you talk about femdom, but did you know that women love having their backs worshipped, boy!!?

And I ain’t just talking about her backside, which of course I’d kiss up and down at least a thousand times, each FLABBY buttcheek as I’d then BEG for permission to kiss her asshole!

I’d BEG for permission to kiss her flabbly stomach several times over and worship the rolls of fat, because as I said before, her rolls of fat don’t matter, not to me at least!

What matters is her attitude. And she’s such a Goddess!

She never needs to lose weight if she doesn’t want to!

And I’d kiss her legs. Ass. Beg her to take complete and total control over me. Massage her for hours as she lay there, idly relaxing.

Or talking on the phone in that GRAVELY voice of hers.

She’s just such a commanding Queen – what can I say?

And she deserves every bit of WORSHP she gets!

And that’s all I got to say for now. Pooja Memsahib ji, thank you so much. You truly do deserve it!


Mike Watson

PS – Only ONE lady enthralled me (well,if we’re talking Indian femdom!) as much as the magnificent Pooja Madam JI, and that was Ms. Priyanka in the Indian Goddess series, and if you love tales of abject worship, then you’ll LOVE this one!

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