Dripping, used condoms hung on a clothesline, cuck!

YEARS ago, I spoke to a guy who felt compelled for whatever reason to share his “personal details” in a WeChat group.

He posted a picture of used condoms, no less in there – – and remember, this was a public and decidely NON fetish group!

“We use our condoms, and leave ’em out to dry”, he stated. Along with a picture.

And as if he could pre-empt the next question, he answered it himself.

“So we can re-use ’em!”

Now, I have no idea why his girlfriend and him did this!

And I have no idea why he posted it in the group!

And strangely enough, if you look at the same guy today, he’s the FURTHEREST thing from the “Stud” you’d think he was from the above statements (especially since Im mentioning it here on this site!).

But the point is this.

From a cuck standpoint, that can only be good news!

Condoms dripping with used cum .. I got to know those SO WELL with Madam Su and Jerome!

She chose him for a good reason too!

Not only was his cock one of the best ever, but he could last, and the amount of cum he produced -my word.

Truly “rivers of cum”, and often times, Su would make me brush my teeth with his leftover cum in the morning!

Often times, she’d giggle and point to yours truly massaging her feet at the foot of the bed, and point to the leftover condoms.

“Clean up, boy! I’ve made a mess haven’t I”

And then she’d giggle more.

“I mean, he has …. “

Tee hee, and she’d notice my hardening erection, usually caged and leaking …

Anyway, the latest news from yours truly is THIS – that Amazon for whatever reason has decided to block the “Sissy Reader”.

Maybe I touched a nerve, or maybe the content was just too “raunchy”.

I’ll email them, and ask. It was the paperback that was blocked initially, so I let it be, but now that the Kindle is blocked too – hmm! Gotta ask them once …

It’s still available on Google and other biggies though, so its probably one of “those things”.

In the meantime, remember it’s available right HERE on this site too – The Sissy Reader.

You prospective or current sissies simply must pick it up now!

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – My tales of Chinese femdom are available HERE.

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