Chikni “Chameli” and why I find long feet oh so attractive!!

I don’t know if it’s Pooja Madam, or Madam KRYSTAL, or perfect Madam …. Ah, I can’t get her name …


Sophia, I think! ?

And while Pooja has small, petite feet (and that belly to DIE For in terms of WORSHIP) – the fact is this, I just watched a Bollywood “song” of yore.

Or apparently yore.

Apparently it’s a movie released in2017, and apparently it was put on Youtube by someone claiming the same. And apparently I just found it while searching for “femdom” idly.

I recognize the actress.

Katrina Kaif, apparently of Indian descent (doesn’t quite look it, but hey, who am I to say. Neither do either of the male leads really look of Indian descent! ?) … and UK citizen from what I gather after a brief look see on the Internet.

But this RAVISHING lady could be a citizen of Mars or Jupiter for all I care (or Venus, as in Madam Venus ?) – or NOT.

I could care less.

I could even care less what she does for a living. Her acting. Her what not.

I don’t know if that was just a song in the movie, or if she starred in the entire film.

But my first thoughts upon seeing the song … and feelings?

Well, hard on central for yours truly SISSIFED!

I don’t know why.

Neither is she “bodacous” as most would think (or want). She isn’t the “perfect height” either. Tall, if anything, and for me, of course, it don’t matter.

And in NO way is the song itself about femdom (from what it seems the uber opposite), and yet . . .

She doesn’t even look to be enjoying the song in many regards.

But as she counts that MONEY and throws at it a willing, leering, OGLING crowd, I get it – or GOT IT.

THAT look was what did it!

I don’t know if Katrina noticed while filming, but THAT look in the eye while tossing red notes all over the crowd seems to scream ONE thing out to me.

I like MONEY …. BOY!

Which of course all the ladies I’ve written about do, and very rightfully so, and more like them (or more power to them) is what I say!

And of course, that lovely “I don’t know if it’s a sari or what, but whatever the blouse -cum (pun intended! Leak!) dress is” is gorgeous, and it’s hiked up to mid calf, and those lovely long feet of yours!

She’s tall, yes. I get that. Probably taller than both the male leads in the movie, though they probably try hard not to show it.

bUt there’s some incredibly sexy about TALL SOLES, though normally most of the feet I worship are somewhat petite.

My S.O. Has those “tall” soles as well, but she’s not as tall …

And my thoughts upon seeing the tall soles?

Wel, more to worship.

More to KISS.

More to smooch, but all that is true for ALL types of soles, boy, I hear Madam Tina saying.

Very true, Madam!

But the taller you are, the more COMMANDING you are, and that seems to be an apt note on which to finish this utterly lust fueled narrative.

Are you feeling it, as a certain guy once said?

If not, you don’t needt o be there.

But if you are – well – jump on over to my femdom books my friend. Truly a read you’ll never ever regret in all shapes, colors and forms!

Mike Watson’s books.


Mike Watson

PS – Controversy seems to be raging over certain details I mentioned in Submissive Musings Volume 2 – No, I did NOT get my money back for those not in the know, but do I WANT it back? Now that’s the entire point … boy! ? And I’ll write about that son, hehe. (soon, but I like the way the “son” sounded!).

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