My sexy Chinese Master, and his lovely pee ….

… That stream gushing out of his Asian dick!

That soft, smooth, velvet COCK …

That real man cock, accompanied by such lovely sexy abdominals, that I just want to kiss him all over – while he WHACKS the BACK of my head!

Suck me well, boy!

And Jerome often did this – and I’d fetch him beer.

As they got drunk, and as Madam Su was “finally” exhausted from all the fun in the sun … he’d let her rip.

He’d fart. Often times, I’d be nose deep in his ass, desperately tonguing my black MAster as he enjoyed my Mistress …

And often times, he’d pee on me!

I so wish the sexy Chinese guys that Princess Lucy so loves would do that right now.

I’d even pay them to do it for me!


That cum and piss emerging from that lovely CHinese cock – oh my!

Anyway, it’s funny.

I’m sitting here – attracting all the femdom and cuckoldry I want in my life, from various sources.

But the Bozo in …. I dont know where he is from, probably somewhere in “Brum” from what fitness dude told me, remember – that same guy who is a troll like no-one else is, that sends him millions of messages daily.

Latest is he wants to suck his dick.

He truly is obsessed with him.

Here are the latest messages he’s sending –

Name: Bisibelebhath

Email: chinesepee4tea

Name: Cuckold servant Bozo

Email: –>

Name: Ada’s ass smells decent

Email: M<

…. And so forth. Hehe.

Not to mention this –

Name: Madam Josie’s toilet

Email: <>

Boy (pun not intended), am I glad I dont deal with a lunatic like this!

Come to think of it, My Mistress would boot him straight in the balls. HEhe.

Come to think of it, and unfortunately, that is what he wants …

Anyway, point of me saying all this?

Three, actually.

One, my Chinese Master often pees in my tea, yes!

His piss bubbles so well, and adds that golden flavor to already flavorful tea, and I kiss his lovely butt cheeks and thank him for it.

His turds are so well formed too, escaping from his perfect ass, and I’m honored to clean it!

I’ve never seen sexier men than these lovely slim men, and their dongs, oh my, their DONGS!

Their dangling, swinging DONGS!

That HEAD!

Anyway, two?

Sending inane messages and gettin frustrated with life isn’t how to attract femdom.

And three?

Ball busting?

Go here, and LEARN how to do it, hehe.

And I’ll be waiting!


Mike Watson

PS – If anyone hears of this Bozo ,do call the “insane asylum” in “Brum” . . .

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