Why nailpolish, even if shoddily done, is enough to arouse the BEAST – a cuckold version, of course. HEhe.

Because it is!

I dont know what it is with nailpolish, friend.

You have perfectly manicured hands, and feet (pedicured). You’ve got nails that look like an expert worked on them daily (like Garima Madam) – or fingernails that look like they do nothing but get manicured all day.

But to me, and I just saw a lady posting something in a jovial mood – a big smile – red lipstick – a fair hand – and red nailpolish – which was “garish”.


But, I love it!

It aroused the cuck beast in me, hehe.

Thats the thing with nailpolish, and I dont know why.

Even shoddy done nails if the VIBE is right has the potential to arouse … THE BEAST!

Big, big time!

Especially red.

As a sissy, thats one of my first questions.

“Madam, what color nailpolish do you wear”

“Madam, what color lipstick do yo uprefer?”

Remember, sissies, women are more than happy to talk about makeup!

And, of course, thats sissy rule number one or close to it – one of the cardinal rules of sissy dom I mention so often in the boko.

Get yours now.


Mike Watson

PS – Perfect Madam Judy Liu, you’re just so damn PERFECT!

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