Dump Central, or LOAD central?

An idiot wrote back recently.

“Inane, Awful, drivel”

“More of the same drivel we have come to expect of the author” 

MW – And yet he continues to buy ’em. Poor guy, hehe.

“This book is awful, horrid, drivel! It’s not worth the proice! No steamy sex at all … and its gross, because ewwwwww, how can someone lick ass before she has to shit? I wouldn’t do it, mate!” 

These, my friend were some of the comments this nutjob left.

Except he left it on the book on Owned by Madam Aa Ling

Can get confusing, I agree. Hehe.

But really, his comments.

Drivel? Just because I dont provide jerk off material for bozos like Thomas that want to “top from the bottom”?

Serving an Indian Goddess was the book he wanted to mention.

And that book contains some degree of toilet servitude, yes.

YES, she made her cuck clean her shit after she was done. So did ancient INdian Kings and Queens, so so should Jyoti!

(Priyanka. Hehe).

YES, she cucked him expertly.

YES, he had lick her before she went, and he had to inspect her poo too to figure out if she had tummy issues, and cook accordingly, or she’d smash his bollocks in.

Which curiously enough is what this idiot left as a review on the site he bought the book from (not this one).

“Why she no kick me in balls” was his final comment. 

Um, dude, if you can get your hands out of your own pants for a while, she might just do it .. (if you’re interesting, which you ain’t, so forgettt about it).

But anyway, focus on myself?

It’s a story told from a cuck’s perspective, so obviously I did. Hehe.

No steamy sex? Well, cucks dont GET sex, boy.

I think what pissed this idiot off was he himself doesn’t get any in real life . . .

Anyway, all of this aside.

Serving an Indian Goddess has got rave reviews, so pick it up NOW.

Now, Load Central and Dump Central

I still have that massive load in my balls which I havent released as yet, even after the massage I just got …

And its NOT for you.

But you cucks love it, don’t you?

So tell me – which one is better?

A big pile of his – or her DUMP – perfectly well formed – on a platter for you, the CORN in it visible, standing out so sleekly? 

Or his sizzling cum on a plate for you, a black one at that, so the jizz bubbles are WELL Formed? 

Did you just cum in your pants, cuckie ?


Kisses. You won’t get my dick, myf riend.

But as for the ultimate, a lot of you cucks do want this …

What if she, like Pooja Memsahib, made YOU jack off to HER shit?

And on it?

Trust me, this book is truly the most extreme ever.

And all you gotta do is “experience” it is extend your hand, and your finger. The index finger.

Not for the ruined orgasm. 

Not to flick your own nipples.

Certainly not to pull that nasty wang doodle of yours outta your cuckie pants, boy.

We dont want your dick!

We want your …. ah, you got it. Money.

But all you gotta do really is extend that hand, finger … and click the order button now, hehe. 

Thats all YOU need to do, and trust me, it’s far better to actually experience than jerk off by your lonesome in your dungeon out there.

And I’m out.

Back soon, cuck boy!



PS – Pick up Humiliation Central – the cover if nothing else on the paper back is worth TEN times what you pay for it. Trust me, Princess Joanie was one of a kind! She made me do things you would never, ever imagine ….

PS #2 – For a real review, check this one out (same book – Owned by Madam Aa Ling) – this left by a REAL FEMDOM lover, not a Bozo jerking off to porno

During the Great Recession, Michael, an IT ,professional is laid off. He diligently searches for a job and happens upon an advertisement for teaching English in China. As his options in the US run out, he applies for a teaching job and flies out to China, where he is set up by Jesse, a Chinese coordinator, in an apartment, introduced to the school where he will teach and he begins teaching.

Michael is out of shape, fairly typical of IT workers and really admires Chinese women. For fun, he visits Chinese brothels and drinks too much. Then he runs into Aa Ling.

She oozes sexuality, even though she does not measure up to his standards of beauty and their first meeting leaves him unsatisfied. During the course of their relationship, she places him in a position of inferiority that builds as his desires for her are never completely quenched. She takes him in hand and starts to improve his physique somewhat molding him to her liking.

The author tells this story from Michael’s perspective and builds wonderfully on his desires and fetishes, many planted into his mind by the imperious Aa Ling.

Highly recommended.”

Sage, my friend. Sage!

More reviews HERE. (but you idiots that just want jerk off material – you’ll be disappointed – this is REAL femdom, not cuck jerk off stuff)

PPS – Yes, cuck. I know you’d “love to read it”. But it ain’t free, boy! You gotta pay – FIRST. Do so now, faggie, I guarantee you’ll get the thrill of a liftime, hehe.

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