Madam Pearl’s morning routine …

As the entire world “reels” from the spread of the (much dreaded) COVID-19 virus – – and as we all go into “panic mode” globally (at least in my opinion!) … I remembered one of the most gorgeous ladies I’ve ever had the privilege to BE with – and more to the point, SERVE.

Serve her would be a polite way of putting it, of course. Wait on her hand and foot like a true sissy – – a sissified cuck rather – – would be more like it!

And we all go into “lockdown” mode (again globally – – but truth be told, mainland China is FAR, FAR, from being back to normal either) – – it reminded me of one thing.

Folks often complain about being stuck at home during the lockdown and getting “bored” – – something I absolutely cannot fathom. To me it’s about having time to pump out new products, write more books, workout more – – and of course – – invest more and more time in serving the dream lady I’m currently with (and I use the term “invest” for a reason!).

This morning I woke up around 830 because my S.O. other wanted me to, and lets just say the reason behind that was… housekeeping, hehe. Ill let you guess more details but for now, those on my list KNOW that I’m not an early riser – – I rarely, if ever rise before 10 – – and if I do rise early, it’s only because of early morning workout that I so love …

… unless a lady orders me to, of course!

Madam Pearl would have to go to work, so she had to wake up by 7 and get ready.

Guess what happened after she met me though.

You probably guessed right. I woke up – – not at 7 – – but at 645 … actually, 630 on occasion.

“I want my breakfast prepared by 730, boy! My clothes need to be ready after my shower, and ..oh, those high heels I wore yesterday need to be shined again!”

Giggle, giggle, and from within the shower … “You know, Michael, the guys at work really liked the way my legs look in the skirt you bought me” (and yes – – it was THAT skirt – – detailed in Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume #1 – if you haven’t read that as yet – do so – NOW!).

Madam had a set routine, of course … at least some parts.

I had to have tea ready for her when she woke up, and the first few minutes were spent in silence, while I stood by her silently, almost like a piece of furniture.

Then It was time to press her head.

“Press my head for 10 minutes in the morning, boy! And at night I need my waist and feet rubbed!”

Famous words (orders!) indeed – – and as I’d massage her head and shoulders, she’d relax and sip her tea and often times, if she had time (hence my waking up early) she’d lie back in bed and make me rub her feet … legs spread wide apart, soles staring me in the face as I talked to them – and the best part?

She’d STARE at me arrogantly, knowingly – – and yes – – hold your breath – – LOVINGLY as I did this!

Yes, it’s possible to be loving towards your slave as well, and all TRULY dominant ladies will tell you the same thing, hehe.

And of course, the look in the eye, that really did it for me!

When we had time on the weekends, we’d play more (and if she was here now, well, we’d probably do it daily!).

Often times, she’d make me wipe her ass after she used the bathroom … with MOIST toilet paper, a.ka. the gorgeous Madam Krystal.

If you don’t think that’s humiliating, try doing it … you’ll quickly see how humiliating and difficult it is .. and how pleasurable it is for HER!

Her ass deserves more than YOU do, boy, and it’s your job to worship her feet and ass – – and asshole – – like they DESERVE to be – and thank her for it!

And I’d kiss her buttcheeks profusely and thank her for it as she bent over, and often times, she’d spit out her toothpaste in my mouth (used, of course!) – – and make me brush my teeth with it … with a toothbrush that had just been … ah, but I’ll let that be for now!

One time she fingered me with left over cum from her orgy last night (you guessed it – the perfect CUCK I was for Madam and she loved it – and so did I!) … and as I brushed my teeth with – ANOTHER man’s cum … trying desperately to block out the taste, but not succeeding, she’d insert a gloved middle finger – – with cum – – in my ass … and “probe” if you get my drift …

… and it wouldn’t take me long at all to start leaking – – and then SPURTING … except the way it’s done in a sissygasm!

And those, my friend are all SWEET memories I have of being dominated oh-so-perfectly – – and it’s a pity Madam isn’t here with me during the lockdown – – we’d probably take femdom to new heights as it were!

OK, my friend. That’s today’ trip down memory lane. If you haven’t already, make sure to grab Submissive Musings – – Volume #1 – – you’ll probably enjoy it as much as I did, if not more!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Yet another massive turn on in that relationship was FINDOM. Being made to buy her things, and thank her for it – – pay for dates – – and so forth! Oh boy, the RUSH, the sheer RUSH!!

P.S #2 – And as more humiliation … well, if that’s up your alley – we’ve got you covered – – grab Humiliation Central right here and learn things you probably did not even IMAGINE before – –

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