It’s never a foregone conclusion, my friend!

In life, relationships, everything, I’ve always kept in mind the following –

It’s never over – until it’s over!

Great sportsmen know this – they know the game is not decided until the final ball is bowled – or thrown!

I’ve often been known as the “cat with nine lives” for my ability to come out of (unscathed) situations which would have defeated the average man a long time before it ever got to the point it was with me!

It’s always been supreme FAITH for me, and my ability to believe in myself when no-one else was – both business wise, and life wise.

Business wise, when I started this site, and most recently the other one – nigh NO-ONE thought I could make a good go of it!

Everyone thought “it wouldn’t work”.

And if you’re an entrepreneur reading this, you’re no doubt familiar with all the sarcastic comments, all the attempts made to “pull me back into the bucket of crabs” – and so forth.

As I sit here right now, looking at my SO “apeing” Korean women – and ignoring what SHE has – and of course, I can’t say it, hehe – and all the people BUYING from this site, and those that (the neighsayers, hehe) – complained up a storm not having a business at all to speak of, while I have several, I can only grin.

(Funnily enough, they think women from the subcontinent are the most beautiful. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side, hehe)

It’s never a foregone conclusion, and the conclusion will always be positive – if you let it!

But anyway ….

Here is what Sergio just said about “Serving an Indian Goddess – Part III” – which he translated into Spanish …

I liked the way how things developed within the story, it actually made you feel like he was going to get attached to another dominant lady at the very end (e.g. like Madam Pooja) so the way the story ended was not a conclusion (which is obvious as there are other two parts left). Great work once again.

Now, that book is on its way to Amazon too – Spanish translation – and he’s done a great job as usual, as I said before.

But he’s right!

And the two Sequels, and the “open ended” nigh incredible “ending” – or is it beginning, as I ask in the book -to the Sequels …

Well, it’ll have YOU wondering “what happens next” – after the Sequels!

Speaking of open endings… hehe.

My sissy hole is SO wanting some cock in it!

And I was looking at some African tribes the other day, with their long swinging COCKS – and it’s so nice, just covered by a leaf

and they walk around like that all day, feet getting grimy and dirty in the jungle…

And they have a LOT of cum in those balls, lots of natural testosterone.

And there’s nothing better than serving them, washing them feet, giving them massages and blowjobs … and of course, ass up high in the air for the ones, and there are many, that choose to PLOW ME!

As I told Madam Wendy … (her of the “taking me to a gay bar”)

Madam, can I suck your boyfriend’s dick? 

Madam, can I do his laundry, press his feet? 

Each question was accompanied by a huge GIGGLE and a “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” !



Truly after a day or so of chatting, she knew!

No book on her as yet, but serving like a prostitute, well, I’ve learnt from ladies that do it, I’ve been on both sides of the equation!

And, if you’re interested in learning about how to do it – in a most sexy manner possible, femdom included, then Sin City Diaries is for YOU!

You might also enjoy – and love – two of my earliest, but MOST acclaimed works in the Chinese femdom genre…

Meeting Ms Chen.

Owned by Madam Aa Ling.

And as for me, I’m dreaming of the day I can be a blowjob betty and servant for African tribesmen – relaxing with their LADIES!


Putting my head down to take his cockhead into my mouth … such BLISS!

I came to it last night too – just a few nipple flicks, my dick wasn’t even hard, but I came SO much!

Truly a ruined orgasm it was, but even that was pleasurable. HEhe. I had to resist the urge to jerk though!

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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