Cucks wanting to be REAL MEN – or real men wanting to be CUCKS – or both?

Its interesting, and I’ve been thinking about it, and as I did my workout this afternoon (which was a gentle walk) – I was thinking about it again!

And about a lot of YOU!

(Speaking of which  you guys that buy off Amazon etc – and ladies too – do shoot me an email so I have your contact details. Amazon doesnt allow us to get customer info for obvious reasons, but remember, discounts etc only applicable on this site as Amazon doesnt allow it, and the more I know about YOU – the more I can cater to you, hehe).

Nah, I dont mean catering with a frilly pink frock!

Business. Hehe.

But anyway, it got me thinking.

How many of YOU would classify yourself as a real man for the most part, but have cuckold tendencies (and other submissive tendencies) you’ve NEVER told anyone about – never would – or if you did, it was received with “wtf” or “you?? I would never have imagined!”

Being one of that ilk myself, I can understand if a lot of you reply back and say “Yes, ME!”

Or, are you part of the crowd that consider women superior anyway, but dont have it as a fetish?

Or, those of you that are CUCKS – both in real life and not, hehe – you do all the cooking, cleaning, and pay the bulls – bill, hehe, bills, whatever, but (there is a reason it came out as “bulls”) … but want to be REAL MEN, alpha studs?

I’m sure there are a lot of you like that too!

And great thing in all these cases?

As I think about the Goddess, the Indian maid I saw last night with those lovely soles, and that lovely cut purple headed Indian cock?

(Indian cocks are so sexy!)

(Garima Madam introduced me to so many!)

(And their cum tastes … I dont know, different! Juicier, smellier, sexier… REAL STUFF! Diet? I dont know!)

If you’re a real man, you could do what the studs in my books do!

If you’re a cuck or submissive, then you could attract dominance to YOU in all its shapes, forms and guises!

And if you’re an inbetween? /

Or kinky switch as a certain Domina and legend “Mistress Irene” once called me i.e. “a kinky switch”?

I do not know if I’m still that. Hehe. Things change!

But that lady is great! Super! And a legend.

And I dont know, even if you’re a kinky switch, we’ve got plenty for you!

Jump aboard now, my friend.


Mike Watson

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