Picture THIS, cuck

A real man and his woman – his WOMEN – secure in the knowledge that . . .

. . . we are superior to YOU, cuck by DIVINE RIGHT!

. . . we dont even need to say – or tell you that we are.

. . . that our piss and shit is something YOU, cuck, should BEG for ! 

. . . and that my holy CUM truly blesses you, cuck, with all the cuck blessings you’d like – IF – and ONLY if you – you prove yourself worthy for your MASTER, a true God amongst men. Real men.

But anyway, picture this, cuck boy.

Foot boy! 

You’ll see my lying down comfortably on my palatial bed, velvet all around. 

A soft, huge bed big enough for FIVE people. 

But there are four.

A stud and his four women!

Beautiful, gorgeous, lovely women with soft skin that I’m touching, caressing their lovely HAIR … touching them – like they would NEVER ALLOW YOU TO!

And theyre caressing my hairy chest and balls and dick as you can SEE from down there – along with my MANLY meaty STUD soles, staring at YOU, boy!

They’re flicking my nipples to give me exquisite PLEASURE the sort of which you can DREAM of – only dream of – the same thing I’ve written about in the book on ruined orgasms, except for ME, they’re building me up.

Because you cuck, have begged and PAID BIG MONEY To drink a guru’s SPERM.

My holy SPERM!

Boy, listen UP! 

And look at the base of my phimotic penis, the head – you will NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE IT!

No-one will … because it’s a holy area from which HOLY cum emerges!

Much like JEsus sprinkled his disciples with the holy water for blessings and good in life – I – will TEACH you – nay, BLESS you – IF YOU ARE WORTHY AND LUCKY AND HAVE PROVED YOUR SELF FIRST!!!!!!!! – this is important – if and only IF – and show you – the path to cuck HEAVEN. 

My sperm raining and blasting cuckie sissy blessings you on YOU, footboy. 

Think about it.

You’ll NEVER get the women.

We ALL know that.

So, you might as well accept your lot in life.

Some of us are studs, my friend. The rest of you are idiots and CUCKS that deserve … well, NONE.

Lock that cock up and submit to US, my friend.

Who knows – after you lick my meaty soles, you might just get some “play” from the Goddesses.

But theyll sneer at you anyway!


Mike Watson

PS – Rememeber too, boy ,my balls are of paramount importance. Thats another rule mentioned in Cuck Central – and to turn yourself into the perfect cuck FIRST – – prove yourself WORTHY – and get it now.

Else, continue to jerk off in your dark bedroom with drapes drawn, hoping the neighbors don’t see you naked with a finger up your NASTY ass, since no-one will do it for you . . . 

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