Face down on the BEACH, getting my TRAPS massaged, a BEER next to me, ah, that feels GOOD!

I’m face down writing now, dictating this.

And oh my WORD – it feels good!

I can hear the BLUE OCEAN in front of me, waves crashing away – and though I can’t see it now, lots of lovely Chinese gals on the speedboats and what not!

It’s winding down from Chinese New Year, so the guys and gals with MONEY have come out to enjoy the outdoors without the idiots clogging up the place that just want “the cheap beer and cheap stuff”.

I’ve got Stella Artois next to me.

And I’ve got that girl, one of them, squeezing and MASSAGING the stress out of my traps!

Oh my!

That workout yesterday was tough.

And my ass and hamstrings, and soon calves and lower back (I can FEEL HER FINGERS! OH MY!) are getting a workout too, and NOT ANALLLY.

Im just getting massaged by two lovely chicks, one Filipina Chinese, and one pure Chinese.

And one is named Sophie, and calls me “Sir“.

It’s BLISS – and I’m lucky – especially with my house in the background (yes, I live on the beachfront).

And this BLISS is only possible because I dared to open my mind – and yes, my ASS too – to what was possible.


And SPIRITUAL benefits that lead to not only all the money you like, but living life on your OWN TERMS.

Believe me, what I talk about in Sissy-Gasm Central goes BEYOND the sexual, or preferences.

It’s SPIRITUAL – adopt even ONE of those techniques, and life will FLOW.

I might ask a lady to do this soon for me.

But for now, why do I paint this picture in your mind – or “speak it to you” as it happens?

Well ….

Because my friend, I don’t have a CUCK in place lickin gmy ass. 

And I’m so relaxed I don’t WANT ONE.

I dont even want sex, ruined orgasms, release.

All I want to do is count my blessings and be grateful for the harem of lovely Goddesses and Queens around me …

And my MONEY, of course. I LOVE IT!

That “crackle” fresh RMB notes make, that “smell!”

But anyway, that aside, cucks – if a cuck, or a Chinese cuck (they’re so womanly, hehe) wanted to lick my balls, or even the underside of my lovely sexy dark cock, I’d let him.

I wouldnt even tell him to lick my ass first, which is a pre-requisite for any guy wanting to get CLOSE to it.

Truly a cock beyond ANY COMPARE.

Trust me!

You, cuckies, will be blessed to even SMELL the COCK near you – my cock – let alone have those nasty slave tongues anywhere NEAR IT (but keep trying, hehe).

but that isn’t the point either!

Point is, for you femdom lovers, Princess Joanie did JUST THIS – while HER CUCK massaged her.

With oil!

And he didnt get no beer, hehe.

She got all the wine she wanted.

And then she made her cuck go into water – he was a white cuck, hehe, and his skin BLISTERED in the sun (she wouldn’t allow him suntan lotion).

And she LAUGHED at him as the salt water she made him go into BURNED his blisters …

Ha, ha, ha!

Studs and Studettes have it so well, my friend … 

YOu, cuckie, got what you got. 

But yes, you might not have hills, oceans, or what not near you.

You might just be stuck in front of a computer wanking off in a dingy room right about now … 

But you can still get the experience – as close to it as you can get.

And – for one of them – pick up the book on Princess Joanie now if you so choose, hehe.

Truly a woman for the ages! Thank you, Madam!



PS – To attract anything on auto pilot, yes, MUNNEEE included, go here.

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