Dicks, the dicks that OWN ‘em (or the gals that do, hehe) – and why they can be such a NUISANCE!

This morning, I was talking to the Princess.

The one and only Dani!

My translator for the book on ruined orgasms, and now for “A complete guide to understanding and ATT$RACTING the dominant ladies of your DREAMS”.

It is NOT a conincidence that I misspelt the title, or put “$” in there, hehe.

And yes, the book works for ALL ladies.


I think even the most VIGOROUS of naysayers knows it’s in the pudding.

A very joyful and delifghtfully sticky one, sissy seconds included.

Slop, slop . . .

But anyway, I asked her if she slept well.


You know (so does she, hehe).

Not the reverse. 😉

“Yes! The wine, he had his effect and I slept like a baby!”

Then I wrote back with “He”?

Madam, shouldn’t it be SHE.


Wine more than anything else shouldn’t be “it’s”.

It should be “she” for obvious reasons!

But anyway, back to it.

“Madam, Wine is definitely better than men at most times though, is it not?”

“Dicks can be such a massive nuisance!”

I’m writing from MEMORY here …

But thats the gist of what I Said.

She giggled.

(we were also talking laughing at yours truly, hehe, sissy style)

“Yes, especialy considering the assholes I dated!”


Sage-ess!, hehe.

But anyway, reminds me of what that girl once told me about my phimotic dick.

Yours is too much trouble, boy! I need to tug it UP!

(as oppose dto the tug down tugga method shown in porn – curiously enough the way to do it RIGHT is the opposite, hehe)

Or, Madam Ashley.

Why I can’t see the head, BOY!

And I believe Ashley is mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China”.

The REAL story (most of it).

And as Dani asked me about “gossip time! Have you ever been in vanilla relationship?”

Well – some of them are mentioned in the book above!

And while thats spurred her on to finish the translation quicker, she also said this (to my “Madam, enough chatter from me!”)

There’s never enough chatter for a girl, you should know that!

Oh, MY!

She might well have SLAPPED me and said BOY ten times!

So lovely, such a Queen, they all are, but she is, and …

Ah, enough chatter. Hehe.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I also mentioned the part about tongues and assholes to her, and whose should SMOOCH whose.

More HERE.

PS #2 – And yes, to those that stepped UP to the call of action and actually INVESTED in a few products. Thank you – you’re the best – and the rest – well – we covered that already, hehe.

PPS – The best way to deal with nuisance dicks is as Dani said. “Thank Goddess for toys”.

Sage again. So said Alexa too, that 19 year old GODDESS!

And of course, them lovely RUINED orgasms. Ruin those dicks, those men, those ORGASMS!

(and get more of your OWN. You deserve it!)

(for someone NOT Nazi feminist in real life and NOT a supporter of it, I sure sound the opposite?? ;)).

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