Guys wanting anal is “not gay”, but when girls want it, it is?

The lovely Dani brought up a great point the other day when we were discussing cocks, sissydom, and everything “sissy related”.

Whoever said men and women can’t be friends was how she ended, hehe.


GIGGLE (an admittedly sissy one)

I’d add on whoever said both parties or a third with a lovely curved cock couldn’t ENJOY it was flat out wrong!

But anyway, labels.

I write a lot about that in Cuck Central, and Sissy Central as well.

Lots of guys have this hang on of “is it gay”.

And I’m tired of explaining it AD INFINITUM here and in emails, and also in the books. But I keep doing it anyway, hehe.

“Repeat a lie enough times and people start believing it to be true”.

Wouldn’t be it true for the TRUTH too? Hehe.

That which people don’t want to hear is usually what they need to hear.

Anyway, she brought up a very interesting point.

My take on it has always been “labels are useless”, and I’ve explained why in these emails and the books as well.

And to “just do what you enjoy, free, unfettered, so long as it’s SSC”.

No-one has the right to judge, and those that DO, if you took a look at THEIR lives, THEIR secret desires, you might well be AMAZED.

Now anyway …

She brought it up in a different way.

And she’s right.

I mean, all the dudes wanting to bang women in the ass.

Why is THAT not gay?

And yet, when a woman wants to do it, it is.

Same thing for men sleeping around and it considered OK and women do it, and they’re sluts ?

I’ve ranted about that before too.

But it’s just HYPOCRITICAL. Though she didn’t use that word, thats what she meant, and it was right.

And I’ll make sure to include this version of the “rebuttal” in future books etc as well, because Dani is RIGHT.

Anyway …

On other fronts, my “struggles” with Amazon have been well documented here, as well as FDC (they got their account permanently banned for the second time).

No good reason given.

And this is yet another reason (well, I’ve got into that before, so I won’t again now) I want NO part of selling my stuff on the big sites, or other sites even unless I really have to.

I sell on Google, which until now has been nothing but co-operative.

And a few other places …

And now, the latest is Medium that seems to ban the account as soon as it gets popular – much like with Twitter.

I gave up trying to communicate with Twitter and the idiots that run it with their auto responses.

Given it’s been almot 24 hours and I have NOT gotten a response from Medium as yet, perhaps it’s time to get off there too.

And get back to just THIS site.

And of course, the other one!

And thats what I gotta share for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure and pick up some books on Chinese femdom here.You’ll love ‘em. And please, DO leave honest reviews! (doesn’t necessarily need to be 5 star if you don’t want it to be, but HONEST).

PS #2 – Here is what a reader thought about my experience with the gorgeous Aa Ling

During the Great Recession, Michael, an IT ,professional is laid off. He diligently searches for a job and happens upon an advertisement for teaching English in China. As his options in the US run out, he applies for a teaching job and flies out to China, where he is set up by Jesse, a Chinese coordinator, in an apartment, introduced to the school where he will teach and he begins teaching.

Michael is out of shape, fairly typical of IT workers and really admires Chinese women. For fun, he visits Chinese brothels and drinks too much. Then he runs into Aa Ling.

She oozes sexuality, even though she does not measure up to his standards of beauty and their first meeting leaves him unsatisfied. During the course of their relationship, she places him in a position of inferiority that builds as his desires for her are never completely quenched. She takes him in hand and starts to improve his physique somewhat molding him to her liking.

The author tells this story from Michael’s perspective and builds wonderfully on his desires and fetishes, many planted into his mind by the imperious Aa Ling.

Highly recommended.

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