Why I absolutely LOVE it when Goddesses GOSSIP!

Bee Bee Bee, Bee Bee Bee!

I still remember a young child of about 8 or so that I Was teaching English do this.

It was her version of the adult version of “whatever”.

And when she did it, I wanted to write THIS to you!

But years ago, at that time, the products existed, but this site didn’t!

Anyway, females gossipping!

Blink and you’ll miss it, but the initial few iterations of the Spicy and Erotic Fetish newsletter have a bunch of GORGEOUS ladies giggling away … and of course, laughing at the man with that “hand on mouth” gesture.

Curiously enough yours truly from a young age for whatever reason laughed like that, until he was told it was not “manly”.

Which it wasn’t.

But the manly “Huh Huh” laughs got us paddled in school…

The womanly ones didn’t. And even the most manly of boys then knew that the boy was just doing it to “hide and laugh”. Hehe.

Not our parents apparently, but the Nazi feminist ones didn’t say a word. My mother said plenty to me growing up, but never once about this. Hehe.

Ah, Nazi feminism.

I do NOT like it. I am NOT a supporter of “superiority” based upon gender and nothing else, and no true feminist would either.

It’s about the mind – a meeting of the minds.

And then of course, yes.

Women are so superior! Hehe ..

But anyway, contradictions and dichotomies aside, sissies love gossip. I don’t know if I mentioned this in Sissy Central or not, but learning how to gossip with HER should be a cardinal rule for ALL Sissies and Faggots out there!

And it’s so interesting!

Two girls together.


Giggling together.

As Madam Dani said, no reason why a man and woman can’t do that, hehe. She’s right!

Tee hee!

And giggling and gossipping about relationships, cocks, purses, pink panties not fitting right, bras, and other girly things …

So much fun!

Anyway, Dani was asking me about some REAL life relationships I’ve had.

“Have you ever had a vanilla relationship”, she giggled.

“Well, yes, Madam! Plenty, and some are detailed at the end of the book YOU are translating now”, was my response!

That book is a A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies in the mainland, and it WILL be translated – someday – hehe, into Spanish. Hopefully so at least. I think I’ve kept her too busy with all my chatter, hehe.

But either way, that book is a MUST read for you trying to attract dominant females to you.

And what I should have also told Dani?

Well, yes – vanilla – but it’s always had a touch of some sort of BDSM, hehe.

Thats just me!

Variety is indeed the SPICE of life …

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I said this once before, and I’ll say it again. One final time for now, hehe. If you’re just on here for free stuff, then you’ll be disappointed, because the pitches won’t stop. Honestly, why should they? If I tell you all this, for instance, and not the product via which you can GET that which you WANT, I’d be dong (doing, hehe) MORE of a disservice than myself.

PS #2 – Be sure and check out the Watson faithful while you’re at it. Everything free for a LIFETIME assuming your membership stays active.

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