How to properly treat your WIFE – or S.O. – or girlfriend ..

Last night, lots of vivid dreams, some seemingly NOT connected.

One of those was Rachna Ma’am in her “salwar” – on her period, for whatever reason (which she is in real life as of now too – day three, I believe).

And I can’t remember the context of the dream, but end of the discussion, whatever that was about, I remember looking between her legs, FEELING THE HEAT – of all natures – emanating between them.

YES, women love sex on their periods!

And then I knelt to my task, which was kneading and massaging her buttery soft soles over and over again.

I’ve written so much about serving women on their periods – making their soles soft as butter – and so it should be!

Then there was a part about another older lady looking at me “after shaving” and deciding I was too womanly. Although I think that happened when I was kissing her over and over again – she said “nothing more for now!” – and I said dont worry, we’ll just kiss – and that started the whole thing, which ended with her, for whatever reason ordering food from a menu “if I want to”, as she said.

Hehe. Lots of interesting dreams, including yours truly typing away on a laptop, all on his lonesome, as is happening – NOW! – on the fourth floor or something.

My dreams are often premonitions – usually are.

And what comes in them happens in real life.

In one of the segments of the dream I was buying a car – seated next to my SO’s man!

Interesting indeed, especially given the cuck porn movie I once wrote about, that long swinging dick, coming on the cuck’s face, and me – the cuck – unable to take my eyes off that DICK even after it had come, so nicely and loosely did it swing between his legs, the balls too!

As he walked, it SWUNG, so hypnotic that dong like a pendulum …

Anyway – in that movie the cuck’s car was used to get the stud to work. Hehe. Woman decided that!

I dont know what all of this means- I suspect I know what SOME Of it means.

I’ll find out in “dew” – no pun intended, hehe – time.

For now, remember one thing – if you want to worship your significant other as she deserves to be, if you want to bring unanticipated levels of REAL AND TRUE AND LASTING – femdom into YOUR LIFE – then you have to perform the right actions my friend.

Lots of men complain about their women not dominating them “seriously”.

Well, every problem has a reason – and a solution.

The reason is not doing the right things for her.

The solution, my friend is laid out in 25 Odes to Rachna Ma’am.

Each of the odes is a solution – as the book subtitle says … “It’s so comforting to see a man treat his superior with an appropriate amount of respect and awe” . . . and it IS! It SHOULD BE!

Yes Ma’am – it is! That was an ACTUAL quote uttered by a lady who read how I treat my S.O. and then made that comment – therefore the subtitle.

All real as always!

Along with this, remember – the other odes on the odes page must be gotten too if you are serious about bringing femdom into your life.

Remember, as Napoleon Hill rightly said, the best opportunity is where you’re at NOW. 

i.e. your current wife, girlfriend, or significant other.

And two, remember, results are never instantaneous, but they COME.

No pun.

Relentless repetition, and NOT giving up no matter what “three feet from gold you could be”, as Napoleon Hill once stated in the famous story “Three Feet from Gold” – and relentlessly DOING the thing, as famous baseball player Pete Lillo was fond of saying – as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is fond of saying – will bring results – fruit in a manner you never imagined before.

So get the odes now – along with that, “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract true and lasting femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME – on auto pilot!” should be sitting on your femdom bookshelf as well.

That second Volume in that series was literally written while worshipping!

All in the flow.

Get the above books now if you’re seriously interested in attracting femdom to you – indeed, as a woman I know says “you better do it if you really want it!”


Mike Watson

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