“Do you want to wear Mona’s bra, boy?”

I was having a titter over it, admittedly, my SO and “Mona”, the lady I once wrote about …

I wrote thrice about her, actually.

And she won’t let her slaves sleep for more than THREE hours a day is the part that is relevant here, but theres more on her HERE – and HERE.

She loves beating you with shoes too, as you can see, hehe.

But here’s the crux – I was giggling about Mona’s money – well, or should I say “payouts” she gives my SO (remember, from the little I know, they used to or still work together) and apparently those aren’t “coming in on time” or what not, and well, lets get to the relevant part.

My SO bought some bras with it the other day.

And I was giggling about it.

Pat came the response.

“You want to wear bras bought with her money, boy!” 

(The money is not “hers”, she meant money she earned by working with her)

But I heard it as “wear Mona’s bras”, hehe.

And they’re nice bras (the one my SO bought).

Lovely blue color (sky blue!)

dark MAROON.

And of course, pink, my sissy favorite (there is a reason I talk about colors in Sissy Central, truly the definitive course of it’s kind out there).

To answer the question?

Of course, I WOULD!

Just ask Madam Krystal, hehe.

But what about YOU?

I’m guessing you too would!

Write back and let me know.

And, if you love your balls busted this way, well, you’re not alone. So do i.

And as I wrote about before, (well, a few hours ago) much love to Madam Ivy, truly the best ballbustrix EVER!


Mike Watson

Ps – The sales BE ROARING for the book on Ballbusting. Check out what the fuss is all about here – BallBusting 1010.

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