Choti Malkin, Badi Malkin!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

Pooja Malkin . . . JI!!

“Hukm Kijiye, Malkin Ji! (or perhaps Malik as I wrote about before! ?)

Hold on, I hear you say. Just what the heck I BE talking about now?

Well, I’ve written about the above before, and for the uninitiated, and those NOT on the list, and those that have NOT bought the Indian Goddess series as yet (hint – you really should!) – it’s Hindi words above.

Malkin – Mistress. Malik – Master (roughly translated).

I wrote before about why I often call Mistress “Master”, but we won’t get into that here. ?

And we won’t get into why I NEVER call Master Mistress!

Anyway, let me back up again.

Serving a mother daughter combo is one of the most erotic things (for me) in all of femdom.

I’ve ALWAYS found without exception that if the mother is bitchy and dominant, so is the daughter, and vice versa in most cases.

Could be Perfect Pooja Madam ji (yes, she has a daughter, married, and I have not written about her as yet!)

Could be the Indian lady with the lovely feet all those years ago and her deliciously dominant daughter, or her friend Madam Mahima JI!

Could be the washerwoman and her Mom that I wrote about yesterday!

And Choti Malkin translates into “Small Mistress”, and “Badi” into “Big”

Roughly speaking, you address both of them differently (at least if you were to go by Bollywood lore which is more true than people think! ?).

They’re both your superiors, boy – and my hands are shaking from pure lust writing this!

Even though the younger lady is often 19 years old and the man polishing her shoes with his SHIRT is, like in Perfect Madam Alexa’s case, more than 40 years old.

I can hear her snigger.

That’s what makes it interesting, boy! ?

And it does, Madam!

The age difference is something I’ve written about a lot before, and rightfully so.

And the elder lady is no less, of course. Equally if not more deserving of worship!

I think I once wrote about the scene I saw in a movie when the slave was massaging a king’s feet at night, as he slept.

The son came in.

And just beckoned the slave away with a GLANCE.

And if that were two ladies there . . . oh boy!

“Ja! Badi Malkin ke per daba!”

(Go, boy! Massage your elder Mistress’s feet!)

IT doesn’t sound that good in English, where just “Mistress” sounds the best. Or whatever term you prefer.

But that’s why I wrote once about the cultural nuances making a huge, huge difference in BDSM and serving her and talking to her per HER culture, and the language she understands BEST.

And being one that writes so much about Asian (Chinese and Indian mostly! ?) femdom, well, I should know!

And so should YOU, my friend, if you’re into femdom. Click on over HERE to grab some of the most tiltilating and sexy femdom books ever – – Chinese femdom compilations.


Mike Watson

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