A truly classy woman!

Madam Ashley it was, as I looked at one of my Twitter accounts, decidely non fetish.

No, not this Ashley but she might well be! Hehe.

And her classiness?

Well, I’ve been reading her posts etc, she’s interesting – which is more than what I can say for a lot on Twitter, so, I’ve been “following” her with interest.

And her statement today – right now – which prompted this email?

Well, a smiling face – and the middle finger pose – with a yellow naildo and a smiley painted.

And if there was ever a more understated, yet NOT – sign of dominance in an obviously non fetish environment, I’m yet to see it … Hehe.

She probably put that up there to shake it up not dominate or not.

But, the vibe permeates.


You’re too nice.


Thats true classiness. When viewed by a sub, even more so!

And thats that. I wish I could say it on the other account. Maybe I WILL!


Mike Watson

PS – In case you did not know it as yet, ALL these poses are so classy!

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