Madam in shorts, on her stomach with Her SOLES crossed, and those lovely large LEGS of hers . . . !!

A white shirt, and “sports style “extra short shorts . . .

And brown skin . . . lovely brown skin, and lovely tanned legs, larger than the “norm” perhaps, but not by a lot!

My S.O, whose computer I recently revamped with a new OS etc has this to say after hours of work.

“Don’t ask for fees, boy!”

And of course, though she meant it jokingly, she was right.

She was just telling me about something that needs to be bought in the house, and that we haven’t for a while.

Now, there’s no prizes for guessing WHO buys what needs to be bought, and then some. ?

Right? ?

Or do you need me to tell ya? If you do, you probably shouldn’t be on the site or the email list anyway, hehe.

And her reply was (upon me telling her to buy it)

“Who the fuck is going to pay!” (without the expletive).

And I responded with, well, you know what.

And a slightly more forceful . . . “Of course me – did you think I would EVER ask you to pay!”

And for good reason, hehe, and as she lies down on the bed, ever so thoughtful, eyes ever so intelligent and CUNNING, thoughts are running around in her lovely female brain,

To the effect of . . . “how much more does he have!”


Always the case, is it not? ?

And that isn’t the reason I’m writing this. I haven’t had sex in so long it feels like a TREAT if it ever does happen, and to be honest, I have conditioned myself NOT to want sex, at least not the sort most people associate it with (and what you might upon seeing yours truly in person).

Those lovely legs, that lovely foot of her!

I ALMOST, repeat ALMOST broke my self imposed vow of celibacy and ALMOST, repeat ALMOST, prostrated myself at her soles.

Licking them. Cleaning them. Kissing the legs all the way up to her VOLUPTOUS ass, and licking that asshole for hours on end . . . and having mine “ravaged” at the end of it! ?

And you know what?

A curious side effect of my conditioning has come about in a way I never expected.

When we have our fights – vanilla fights, you should SEE the ferocity with which my SO attacks me verbally.

Puts me down.

All in the heat of battle of course and happens a lot even with vanilla couples but the point is, verbally, the gloves never came off to that extent.

And I still remember a comment she made to me . . .

“You’re not a real man! You can barely pound me like I DESERVE to be, boy!”

“That cock of yours is useless!”

“Women aren’t interested in men unless they can satisfy them!”

And many other things, and the degrading manner in which she normally says these things is new.

The Universe often brings us exactly what we want, my friend, except it does so by cloaking it in a window of opportunity, and these put me downs turn me on FAR more than my SO knows. Or she wouldn’t do it, hehe.

She thinks’s she’s debasing me during a non-BDSM related fight.

But . . . what is happening is something else altogether, and no, BDSM or femdom is the last thing on my mind at the time of her saying it, but after that?

Oh boy. YOU be the guest and guess!

And on that note, I’m out. Damn, that ass of hers, those lovely legs, that POSE in general!

And the humiliation, the best part!


Mike Watson

PS – – if there is one reason I like Chinese women (from the mainland?) the amount I do, it’s their innate ability to do THREE THINGS – 1) HUMILIATE (totally!) the male of the species . . .2) get straight to the point WHEN IT MATTERS (to her, not you! ?) like Princess Sophia did “how much money do you have, boy!” and 3), of course, their ability to do what they do to male NIPPLES!

PS #2 – Find out more about all this in my STRAIGHT from the HEART and TRUE tales of Chinese femdom which you can access right HERE – Chinese Femdom Stories by Mike Watson

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