The thinking MOST men need to CHANGE – BIG TIME!

One being a closed mind, of course.

A past subscriber, Thomas, and I’ve written about his comms to me before comes to mind where he complained that “there were too may gay emails”.

Huh?? Gay?? Does man on man equate to gay automatically??

I don’t think so, my friend! There is a whole another dimension to “gay”, and the whole conundrum men have about secretly wanting to suck dick and “am I gay if I indulge this fantasy” should be put to rest once and for all.

And this email ain’t about that, so HERE you go – Cuck Central includes a whole another section on this and explains why cuckold doesn’t necessarily equate to gay or even bisexual (unless you’re into being humiliated that way as I am! ?).

Thought, my friend, thought.

It changes things, and is what makes BDSM so wonderful.

And what was I saying initially?

Ah yes, thought.

And the SECOND Thing men need to change is something that I speak about “A complete guide to understanding dominant females from the Chinese mainland”, and indeed in all my books.

And every comm I have with you guys or gals, damn near!

That being, women are SUPERIOR to men, boy, and I don’t just mean when it comes to BDSM!

Women are just awesome, gorgeous, and plain ole superior to us MEN, even the studs who they use for their benefit! ?

Lots of men have a hard time (pun intended) wrapping their heads (as well as “little heads”) around this.

And it’s no wonder that I receive a ton of emails about “I’m not able to find the dominant woman of my dreams despite . . . “

It’s all about thinking, my friend.

And NOT your conscious thought – your SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts.

It is ONLY when those will change that you’ll attract femdom to you in all its shapes, forms and many guises. Some as I wrote about before in very unexpected ways, and forcing you to adapt even more and some in ways you may or may not predict. That’s just the way the Universe functions when it brings your TRUE desires to LIFE!

As it has mine, and continues to, and the key – well – here’s the thing – ANYONE can do what I lay out in the manual!

But most people aren’t.

Thomas certainly wasn’t, offering to “pay me for girls that would play for him”.

Dude, I don’t run an escorts service, and doing it that way is hardly femdom. Sure, if she’s a Domina yes, but even then it’s always on HER Terms.

This afternoon, I saw a truck honk at one of these ladies pushing a push cart that is so common in the Indian subcontinent and Southern Asia (china, Thailand etc etc).

And she moved aside, and was going to do it anyway, and he honked regardless.

OK . . .

Once she moved dude just had to stick his head out of the window and HOLLER at her.

“Can’t you move that damn thing out of the way??”

And her response was great. Much like Ms Chen, that redoubtable and lovely older lady that truly did put my cheating ass where it belonged, first under HER feet and her friends, and then my “wife’s” permanently!

Meeting Ms. Chen, as it were, still one of the bestsellers around here, and for a damned good reason boyo.

Sorry, BOY!

Anyway, she just flat out ignored him and slowly, at a snails pace which must have irritated the guy no end began to move, and that was the last I saw of them (I was going to workout).

Here’s the thing though.

That knee jerk reaction on his part wasn’t necessary.

But he just had to say it to put her down!

There was plenty of space for him to maneouver his truck through IF HE TRIED, but no …. He’s gotta be (or try to be) the “dominant male”.

How dare this damned woman . . . and you know what I mean if you’re a lady reading this!

THIS is really one of the key things MOST MEN need to change!

You don’t necessarily have to be into femdom either for this to happen.  .  .

And last, but not least, don’t get me wrong.

I am not saying women are always better than men or more superior in EVERY Way in “vanilla” life. There are things men can do that women can’t or shouldn’t (one case being women fighting in frontline roles in the military or special forces etc. Nothing against these lovely ladies, and more power to them, but Mother Nature needs to be respected as well if you get my drift!).

Often times I’ll hold the door for a lady and she won’t even acknowledge it, and walk right past me.

It rankles a bit . . .

So there it is. But the fact is, my friend, that thinking I mentioned above DOES need to change for MOST men and that is a fact that cannot be ignored no matter what.

Chew on THAT a while, and let me know your thoughts!


Mike Watson

PS – Princess Joanie once kicked me SQUARE in the balls when she was pissed off, and to see the feet she did it with, and everything else? Well, pick up Humiliation Central NOW, my friend!

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