“Go out like a Princess, live like a Goddess!”

So, while talking to Madam Jojo I saw the following on my wechat “moments” (Facebook equivalent of “wall”).

Now, I know I left off the last conversation with Madam Jojo on a somewhat “dicey” note, if I might say so. If you’ll recall, we were starting to discus politics, which can get hairy, but luckily, after the first few honest comments I made upon what we chatted about last time, Madam said this.

“I don’t really care about politics much!”

“Not good to discuss politics here”, she continued. “Can’t really express oneself!”

And I responded with the statement that expressing oneself was no problem – but yes – political discussions were useless, because they end up NOWHERE.

And I reiterated why I like her so much.

“Madam, traditional women are OK for me”, I said. “But most of the time, I like to SERVE women, not be served. I think it’s much better that way”.

“You’re so interesting”, I finished off.

“Perfect Madam Jojo”, I couldn’t resist but add on!

“Yes, I know! I’m kinda different in many ways”. And although she didn’t really send any emoticon, I can FEEL the “satisfied vibe” coming from her.

We had spoken about housework etc as well, as you might imagine, and as of now, Madam is reading a book – while her “helper” cleans, hehe.

And back to the TOPIC – – here is what I saw on moments, from a girl that is selling her “wares” (and of course, it’s sexually themed wares!”

“Learn, become beautiful, make money!”

“Go out like a Princess”

“Work like a man”

“Live like a Goddess!”

I don’t know why, but China has seen an explosion for male health sexual products. Apparently Chinese guys in general are having a hard time keeping it up, or maybe it is just the perilous state of the economy in general, but anyone in mainland China will know what I mean by the above (first) comment, hehe.

These sellers run rampant all over WeChat, and yet, looking at the comment, I feel compelled to agree – – except for #3, but I do actually agree with that too!

As I’ve said on many an occasion – – Madam, can  I be your woman?

Or, “Madam, you can be the woman  and I’ll be your best female friend – – and servant too”

Usually greeted by peals of laughter once we get to know each other in person, and even online, but what really amuses these gorgeous DOMINANT ladies from the Orient – – specifically, mainland China is this …

“Madam, you’re the man! You’re my boyfriend, and I’m your girlfriend!”

And that of course, is a dream come true for yours truly – – and SISSIES in general, hehe. And anyone that is a true sissy – – or true cuck – – reading this KNOWS what I mean.

I’ll be back later – – and on that note, if you haven’t grabbed Sissy Central as yet – do so now, my friend. You’ll enjoy it immensely – – that I do guarantee!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And who knows? She might even cuckold you – – be GRACIOUS enough to do it, I should say (it’s an honor to press your feet, Madam Jojo, as I told her!) … but only if you do the right thing – and introduce it the right way, which is something most male subs FAIL (capital F!) to do. Not to worry – I’ve got you covered with the perfect “how to” – – right here – – grab it NOW – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

P.S #2 – I asked the Wechat seller what she preferred. “Is it Goddess … or Princess?” I had asked. She did NOT respond as yet, but I know Madam Jojo prefers Princess … but she doesn’t mind being called Perfect Madam Jojo either, hehe. Ill keep you posted!

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