Her TOTAL, COMPLETE, UTTER and EVER INCREASING empowerment is the very POINT of it all, BOY!

Oh boy (pun intended, and not! ?.

I just saw my SO sitting at the computer, and if you’ve been reading the last few emails, you know I’m a huge, huge fan of shorts and a Tshirt.

And of course ruined orgasms, P spot orgasms etc for me, which do nothing but “release” excess (nasty) fluid (slave cum! ?) and keep me horny and on edge perpetually.

Is it any coincidence that I came bucketloads in the manner described not once but TWICE a couple of days back, and I’m still as horny as heck, if not more?

Anyway, I was going to title this “Will my S.O. cuckold me, or not?!”

Probably not, although I’ve brought it up with her. Probably not at this point at least!

But down the line, who knows.

Madam Pearl for one was famously “skittish” about doing this, and with good reason of course. Folks often times don’t know what they’re getting themselves into when they indulge in this most lovely fantasy, but if you DO know what you’re getting into, and are PREPARED for it, the second more important than the first, then go for it is what I SAY.

And mental conditioning for BOTH of you – -prior to this – – is very important indeed!

That’s why I put Cuck Central out, of course . . . the definitive guide to cuckoldry and becoming the perfect cuckold if there ever was one.

And of course, the next logical step to that – Cock Worship for you sissies and faggots out there . ?

Both immensely popular courses if I might say so.

And my SO was sitting much like Madam Pearl did all those years ago, shorts and one leg over the the other at right angles to each other, the SOLE showing.

The sole of her lovely foot showing, beckoning, and I just so wanted to drop down and kiss them feet!

Proclaim her sheer DOMINANCE over me!

BEG, literally BEG to give her ALL my money, hand over control of my entire bank account to her (not that isn’t already in most regards!).

But most of all, ask her to find another boyfriend,

Madam, please, please I beg you, Madam, please cheat on me and be BRAZEN about it. IT’s your right, Ma’am!

Madam, please find another man to fuck you silly in all the ways you so desire, and please, please allow me the honor of licking you for hours both before and after, both your ass, and an area normally completely out of bounds for a cuck like me!

Madam, please allow me to kiss your ass after you “go to the bathroom”, and clean the pristine HOLE, Madam, much like I did with Ms. Priyanka!

And believe it or not, if you do this on a regular basis for your girl, believe me, whether she tries or not, she’ll be more empowered, bitchy, and COMMANDING as a matter of daily routine and (mostly hers) RIGHT!

I wrote about that in a couple of email prior to that, did I not?

Yes, I did!

And to me, THAT is the whole point and purpose of all this.

Her empowerment, female empowerment, and a satisfied “grin” at it all (from her).

Truly what makes it truly worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – and it is in THAT spirt of empowerment that I put together all my books, my friend. Take a gander at some of the compilations right here: Chinese femdom compilations.

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