Her boyfriend’s used condoms . . . .

This morning as I woke up, I thought of the imperious Madam Sadie.

I thought of how she humiliated me and others ever so deftly and NATURALLY in a Wechat (sorry, yahoo, hehe) group – back when they HAD Yahoo groups (not sure if that’s still thing these days) . . .

And while I’ve told you the story of how I “made myself useful to her” with my writing (at least, I think I did, I’m not sure – I think I did, but if I didn’t’, let me know) . . . what I didn’t talk about was her boyfriend.

Now, Madam Sadie never did post a picture of herself on the group.

Madam Sadie’s shrine, I believe it was called, and the only picture which you could see there that might give it away in terms of it being a femdom group was a pair of lovely black shoes . . . presumably HERS.

I believe Madam worked a tough job – not sure if she was a waitress, or . . . not sure.

And her boyfriend did as well.

And she’d often post about how her boyfriend would bang her – which of course her fans and admirers loved and COULDN’T.

“My boyfriend came home last night, and banged me for hours!” I still remember her triumphantly posting.

And his extra large condoms are lying there under the bed, she’s post on the group!

And if there was ever a bigger turn on for a cuck, I’d like to know it, my friend.

I once saw a video where Madam was ordering the slave to wear her boyfriend’s used condom in a certain sequences – a “cummy” condom as it were.

Sloppy seconds bar none, especially as I believe he was forced to put it in his mouth first!

And as these thoughts swirled around in my mind as I woke up, it was ALL I could do not to cum instantly!

Sure, I touched my nipples . . . a wee little bit, but I instantly thought of the cocks that Garima Madam, and more recently Madam Su had me service . . .

Those real man, with the cocks dangling every so invitingly, those long cocks that swung as Master moved from one place to the other.

Master Jerome, as he once pissed straight in my mouth as he didn’t want to go to the bathroom, that piss coming straight out of his divine cock head, that SLIT head, to be replaced by thick creamy cum (tasting of beer!) hours later . . .

And cocks in general, and how they swing, and the BALLS attached to them, and most of all, how they made Madam happy!

It truly was COCK central this morning, my friend – as opposed to cuck central, and for you CUCKS out there – well – know now and believe me later, that the best present (or one of them, at any rate) that you can ever get is her boyfriend’s used condoms – preferably extra large . . . and preferably a steady diet of them (and preferably NOT rinsed out, hehe).

As an side, I once knew a guy who apparently re-used condoms by “hanging them out to dry and turning them inside out before using them again”.

Takes all types, eh. ?

And that’s that for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Check out Humiliation Central if you haven’t already. Truly 25 ways to TRULY humiliate your sub like never before . . .

P.S #2 – Oh, and for you sissies out there, I’ve got just the course for you to turn you into not just the purdiest, but also the most USEFUL sissy out there – Sissy Central

P.P.S – I’ll write more about Mistress Sadie later. Truly a dominant force of nature she was!

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