That moment RIGHT before he blasts that LOAD!

That hot, sticky load … accompanied by moans of guttural pleasure, SATISFACTION – his of course, but preferably hers too, as she sneers down at you, cuck!

I watched one of those videos last night.

A black guy with another one of those CURVED cocks I like so much, and RIGHT before the point of cumming, I remember myself wanting to wrap my lips around that lovely DONG HEAD .. that cut head, the BOTTOM of the head, the sensitive areas, andwhile doing it, wonder …

… When will that cum BLAST out of that lovely pee slit of his!

And I watched one video after the other though I didnt mean to!

Cocks are so lovely, especially when accompanied by sneering women jeering and humiliating you – the icing on the CAKE!

A cuck cake if any … or sissy cake heh.

Some of the guys came “quickly”.

Some in spurts.

Some in loads.

Every cock is different, boy!

And though Master Jerome with that beauty of his dick didnt teach me this, I learnt it anyway.

“Talk to the cock, boy! Get to know it better than your own. Talk to the balls, the asshole!”

Much like perfect Madam Susan taught me, and still does.

“Talk to my soles, boy! Not me!”

And that moment before he blasts is SO important for sissies not just because of what I said above.

But because it’s also of PRIME importance if you’re ruining his orgasm, Ma’am (as you should! ;)).

Many folks erroneously believe that ruined orgasms happen when you “stop stimulation of whatever nature on the penis” right WHEN the cock starts to blast.

And no, not just penis. Any sensitive area of the body (except the anus!).


Thats a partial ruined orgasm, as she (he!) still gets the first blast in.

A true ruined orgasm, step ONE on the road to sissysville paradise happens when you STOP stimulation of ALL nature RIGHT BEFORE the point of no -return, or slightly “at it” if that makes sense.

It takes practice, yes.

But once you master it – watch out – your cuck and sissy will LOVE you for it (and stay even more frustrated, hehe).

And thats of course step #1. Sissygasms galore await after that via the anus and P spot and to learn more on that – get the course right her e- Sissygasm Central.

All for now! We’ll soon have a new site up too shortly – be on the outlook for that!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure to grab those two courses right now – I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be offering it at the price I am for now!

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