The wonderful review the book on Madam Aa Ling got, and deservedly so!

Madam Aa Ling. Sophie and her mother. The lovely Christina, whom I’m literally begging to SMASH me in the BOLLOCKS right now …

Does it all have a “link”?

Sure it does.

The missing link, my friend, is something you’ll see beneath, and for a change, there won’t be any more commentary from ME on this one.

From the horse’s mouth!

During the Great Recession, Michael, an IT ,professional is laid off. He diligently searches for a job and happens upon an advertisement for teaching English in China. As his options in the US run out, he applies for a teaching job and flies out to China, where he is set up by Jesse, a Chinese coordinator, in an apartment, introduced to the school where he will teach and he begins teaching.

Michael is out of shape, fairly typical of IT workers and really admires Chinese women. For fun, he visits Chinese brothels and drinks too much. Then he runs into Aa Ling.

She oozes sexuality, even though she does not measure up to his standards of beauty and their first meeting leaves him unsatisfied. During the course of their relationship, she places him in a position of inferiority that builds as his desires for her are never completely quenched. She takes him in hand and starts to improve his physique somewhat molding him to her liking.

The author tells this story from Michael’s perspective and builds wonderfully on his desires and fetishes, many planted into his mind by the imperious Aa Ling.

Highly recommended.

  • A reader from Edison, NJ.


Well, my friend, that says it all – tomes, in fact.

Pick this wonderful spell binding book up HERE, my friend. Truly femdom in an UNIQUE way you’ve never seen before, and never will. For the price at which it’s offered, well, let me just say this – “throwaway”!  (so if you’r ethinking “price” on this one, you TRULY are a fool my friend. This is NEVER SEEN BEFORE – REAL LIFE – FEMDOM!)

The other one is the Pooja Memsahib series HERE.


Mike Watson

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