Girls take money, boy! They don’t “give” money!!

Sager and truer words were never spoken … for the most part anyway!

I’ll never forget the time (and the sheer whacks to the back of my head and side of my face! ;)) when I brought up the issue of borrowing a few bucks from my SO …

(at the time)

…. for a sum total of a few HOURS.

And the payment coming in after those hours was guaranteed. And, of course. She had ACCESS to the account! 😉

maybe not “full” access, but she knew what was coming in, going out (pun intended, hehe) and what I spent on etc. And of course, how much I gave HER which was #1 and still is the #1 reason she was interested in it in the first place!

And while she wasn’t Chinese … this is precisely what Chinese girls for them most part have as their mantra in life, and really, I find it oh so sexy!

It’s BORING if a girl supports a “man” (unless it’s a cuck supporting her real man! ;)).

It’s the opposite if a girl DRAINS A MAN.

Both financially and otherwise, and keeps him on edge and humiliated, and yet horny as heck, and controlling his finances in that sexy, oh so deliberate manner is one way to do it.

And the best way, especially if it’s au naturalle as with perfect Madam Pearl

Those eyes, those glittering eyes those intelligent eyes … that SCOPED ME OUT!

For what I had, hehe.

“How much is your salary”, I remember her asking.

“How much is the deposit in your bank account”, I remember Princess Sophia asking.

“I’m more interested in seeing your bank balance than your dick, boy!”

As said perfect Goddess 7, maybe partly because my cuck dick didnt interest her. Despite what she said about the color black, I bet that cock turned her on (and iuf nothing else, the way he was pleasing the woman).

But she truly is more interested in MONEY, and thats what she is talking to me for of course.

She’s married.

She’s got the stability and a guranteed source of income.

But unless its cuck cocks were talking about, things go UP in life.

Not DOWN, at least UP should be the goal.

And so it is for Chinese ladies in general.

And my SO.

And of course, a final twist to this, you ask?

Or a monkey wrench. Spanner in the works.

… is the exact opposite experience I’ve had with Chinese ladies, all so well outlined at the “fag” end of “A complete guide to understanding a dominant lady from the mainland”.

Dominant ladies from the mainland, I should say.

There was a reason it came out (sic! Pun!) the way it did, hehe.

And on that note, I’m “out”.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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