Serving Madam Jojo’s stud …

So, last night he came to me … or THEY DID, I should say …

In that “ethereal” period when one isn’t fully awake, and neither is one fully ASLEEP …

“Yes of course I can have other men, boy!” Madam said sleepily ,as she relaxed comfortably on the bed, nothing but her feet visible poking out from under the light cover she had on.

She was getting her feet – her soles rubbed JUST THE WAY she liked – by yours truly, of course.

The bed was huge, but there was only one person in it … for now!

“You serve me well, boy!”

And I kissed her feet and thanked her profusely for calling me “boy”. That’s something I’ve been asking her to do for a while, as you may or may not know …

“Madam, may I request something?”

“Yes, Michael ….” (giggle)

“Madam, please talk to me like your servant. Like a true inferior. You know, ancient days servants in China ….”

My voice trailed off, but my import was clear!

…. were treated like dirt, weren’t they, giggled Jojo.

“You really want to be a good servant!”

“Alright, BOY!”

And she smacked me one. “Now get to work, boy!”

Said with that knowing sneer … along with a loving look and giggle and if you reading this think true love is not possible with femdom, well, think AGAIN my friend.

Femdom relationships can indeed be some of the closest, tightly knit and UNDERSTANDING (and SUPPORTIVE) relationships ever!

Believe me, when either party is willing to forego sex, and enjoys it, it’s a relationship that’s different!

When one party is willing to dominate the other because his or her HAPPINESS lies in serving, and nothing else … that’s something to be treasured!

And as for sex, well, Madam gets plenty of it – but I don’t, hehe.

Madam often has men over … “fuck buddies”, as she calls them (or more rightly, as I “taught” her, hehe. She used to refer to them as just “friends” – which is something funny that Chinese ladies do, by the way. Even if you’re sleeping with her, you’re just a “friend” … until you get married or something similar!).

I’ve often asked Madam Carol if friends cum in each others mouth’s….!

Do they? Maybe so! I never DID get a response, hehe.

And her stud often f**** her bareback (sorry, email filters, hehe) and pulls out just at the right moment. And points that lovely, sexy, LONG, smooth black cock at me before he moans, that primeival “aaaaahhhh” coming out JUST at the point of release, before he knows he CANNOT contain it any more, and as Madam watches on, eyes glazed, yet happy with that LOOK to them, that wicked GLEAM, he blasts a load all over my face, and I slurp it all up!

Sometimes, I cum, and I’m ordered to polish Master’s shoes with my own cum!

That alone is a story unto itself and the regal Princess Joanie was the BEST at doing that, but back to her older version – Madam Jojo … she doesn’t limit herself to any particular color of cock.

White, black, Latino, they’re all OK – so long as they’re slim and have long cocks, and aren’t FAT and in shape …

You see, Madam doesn’t need to be in perfect shape. Her feet are what matter, and her ass, but her studs do need to be in perfect shape!

And studs don’t get the privilege of being “friends”, as I am (friend and SERVANT, I should say!)

She truly DOES know how to use men for what they’re worth, hehe, and as her latest white stud was pounding away at her, his long cock dangling ever so invitingly in front of me, I just had to bend forward and suck the head … but I pulled that lovely foreskin back first, of course, and as he fucked my mouth, the low hanging “fruit” … his lovely balls banged up against my chin as I fingered his ass lovingly, each “KY jelly” laden thrust (guess who applied it first to his ass so it would feel good for him!) making him moan even more.

Before that, of course, he was sitting on my ass with my tongue working his lovely assHOLE and ass crack, while Madam was sucking his dick so expertly that just looking at her doing it made me want to cum.

Of course that naughty LOOK in her eye didn’t help either!

And as for how much of this is fantasy – and how much reality – I’ll let YOU be the judge, my friend. ?

What IS real is what Princess Joanie made me do though, and a lot of that is detailed right here in the book dedicated to HER –

Go ahead and grab it now – you cucks out there will love it, for one!


Mike Watson

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