The foot – or the SOLE?

It’s an interesting question, foot lovers – and femdom lovers – or any “dom” – and for years, upon years, upon years – SOLES have been my favorite.

In the past, this was true to the point that I wouldn’t even want to look at the front of the foot, even if it was pedicured in the most nice fashion possible – not because I didnt want to kiss the toes, but because the SOLE to me signified TRUE  DIRT beneath her soles – fat soles preferably – dirty soles – or what not – same thing with shoes …

You’re nothing but the dirt at the bottom of her foot, boy, your place is not so much AT her feet, but always UNDER IT!

Cardinal rules of femdom I’ve repeated so often.

This post should have been on the other site. But, providence says its going to be HERE – and well, what prompted it?

A fast – hehe – an impromptu fast I often undertake (my fitness buddy gives me SUPER SOLID advice, completely contrary to what most people and experts etc think, but it works like MAGIC what he says – anyway…) …

A snail I just saw.

And, well, a mouse.

A combo I dont often see, but given the power in my area was out for hours, given my lovely SO whose in a bad mood all day (my, I so wanted to worship those soles and PLEASURE her between her LEGS! She hasn’t gotten laid in a while, she deserves it, not my dick, but TONGUE! GODDESS!) .. the minute she left for another “room” or house actually where there IS Power, she asked me if I wanted to go with her.

I said no.

I looked at the pictures of the Goddesses – Indian Goddesses she so loves to put on the wall, and the sole light in my house – no pun – was coming from a portable battery.

Right in front of the Goddess.

And as I stood there, creating a private video – bam – as I knew it would, the power came.


Even for me, who predicts stuff regularly, that was eerie, anyway – I turned on the puter, and sure enough – more good news, the lovely Paula has sent over a Spanish translation for Garima Madam – the Prequel – which you guys should pick up the English book NOW – and Spanish version too if you so choose.

We changed names around in the book, and “Pooja” becomes Paula.

Prakash became Anjali.

Now, as I told Paula (laughingly) – the latter is exclusively a FEMALE name in the subcontinent. The literal translation for both means “light” though so I get it – but we’ll see if Madam chooses to change it, other than that, the story is the same – same tale telling you about the downtrodden girl from a small town in India who under Pooja Ma’am’s tutelage turned into something BETTER than her – a TRUE force of nature to be reckoned with, a TRUE case of the “pupil besting the Master, or Mistress, or both” – and Garima Madam’s bitch is proof of this.

Also out in Spanish, French too I believe …

In the past we sold language translations directly through Amazon, now, it’s done here too – slowly, all of it will be sold HERE. The language subscriptions are a great bargain by the way, like the Watson Faithful, you get access to everything in that language for one price.

Anyway …

While creating the cover for the book, I was going to choose this one –

What a QUEEN! She stood out, yet, last minute, 11th hour, I decided “something was off” – not Madam, not the lady, but … I dont know, maybe the picture wasn’t clear enough?

Yes, that was it.

And then I came upon this –


Surge of lust I aint felt all day and while it doesnt show soles, would you not BEG – and PAY – to see those soles?

Yes, you would if youre a true femdom lover!

And that was the picture I chose for the cover.

Back to it – feet, or soles?

Like I said, for years it’s been soles for me, however, as my self imposed chastity increases to more than 2 years at a stretch, well, FEET – and toes, even a glimpse, drive me into a frenzy too.

All thats needed for me to SPURT A LOAD is think about Bhagwati Ma’am’s dark wrists. Thats all, literally, and her holding that broom! That ONE WRIST, that ONE BANGLE ON IT. MY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just HER!, HER PRESENCE!


The benefits of chastity, truly like nothing else you’ve ever felt before, it AMPLIFIES everything so.

And a great way to work up to staying chaste?

Ruined orgasms

Anyway, thats the tale for tonight.

True femdom is about ANYTHING about her driving you into a frenzy of femdom infused LUST – usually unsated, so it should be for the male.

Anything less, it aint true femdom, you aint a true femdom lover!

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!



Mike Watson

PS – Audiobooks in various languages too now on the site – ENJOY!

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