Open thy MIND, grasshopper!

Often times, what stops us from succeeding at anything – and in the context of these communications (femdom) – getting the femdom that we so CHERISH and desire (or, perhaps getting the male SUBMISSION that we so WANT) is not something you consciously think about.

It isn’t so much how you react on the outside, or what you react to, or even your fetishes, or environment, or a combination thereof.

It isn’t so much “I can’t seem to meet dominant women no matter what I do”.

What it is, first off, all is a willingness to CHANGE – from the inside out.

I’ve spoken about the importance of mental conditioning before, my friend, and this truism holds very TRUE for all aspects of life and success – – femdom included.

We truly do ATTRACT what we really, really want – and ARE – at our deepest core … and if you think about the things you’ve been successful at in the past (either good or bad) – you’ll notice that those are the things you THINK about the most, and therefore get embedded upon the screen of your subconscious mind which then brings them to reality (it takes time on occasion, but it ALWAYS succeeds!).

This is a truism you might as well print out and put on your wall, or laptop table, or perhaps take it to the john with you to read, hehe, on a daily basis, as the more you see it – the more you will BELIEVE IT.

Along with this, a willingness to open thy mind is key.

A person I know has a fetish where his girlfriend pees on him and that apparently gets him off. This person also often sends pictures of nudes (men!) to other guys (and this person himself is a guy), seemingly “jokingly so”.

And I often wonder why he does this, of course!

… or maybe I don’t wonder, hehe.

Outwardly, he’s as macho as you’d expect. Perhaps not physically, but at least from his tough talking.

And yet, these are the images he shares!

And if someone were to bring up the fact that he liked the above two things (and really, there ain’t nothing wrong with fetishes as I’ve often told him) – he’d not only deny ‘em, but also ridicule me for saying it, hehe – in other words, shoot the messenger.

A long time ago, I spoke a girl named Janet.

She was of the same bent of mind i.e. “those weird people that suck on toes”.

And while I did NOT talk to her about fetish (that wasn’t even the conversation) – – she was constantly carping on those with fetishes, and I finally asked her – what exactly is wrong with having said fetish?

I mean, lets be honest. Though I consider myself a true male submissive, sucking on female toes isn’t my thing … but hey, if someone likes that – so be it!

So long as it’s safe, sane and consensual, who really cares? Who are we to really judge the other person?

As Napoleon Hill once said in Outwitting the Devil, what man really knows himself?

And hate me for saying it, hehe, but these same people are usually the ones that rarely, if ever achieve whatever success they’re looking for – – either in terms of relationship – or LIFE.

And this is another reason why people fail to attract femdom, because deep down inside, subconsciously, they are ASHAMED of their desires.

They are ASHAMED to admit that they like a certain thing – and this is incredulous to me. After all, if it’s SSC, and done between consenting adults, again, who cares?

Sure, I don’t mean we should all expose our private lives to the public willy nilly, without exception.

No (unless that’s your thing, hehe).

But being ashamed of what you want deep down inside is a sure fire way to REPEL what you really want without being aware of it, my friend, and the way to address this, of course, is conditioning.

Did what I say resonate with a lot of you?

Yeah. I thought so!

Start by conditioning your mind, my friend – and OPENING thy mind to accept new things and new, boundless, limitless POSSIBILITIES. You might just be shocked at how quickly what you want materialize in your life thereafter!


Mike Watson

P.S. – HERE is the ultimate guide on conditioning for male submissives –

P.S #2 – Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Indian Goddess books – going like gangbusters – right here – –

P.P.S. – And hey, I’m a “wierdo”, and proud of it too, hehe.

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