“I took off my clothes, but youdidnt do anything, cuck!”

I still remember hearing the following in a sexy cuckold lovers’ fantasty movie once …

The girl said the following to the cuck (who was fresh off licking a stud’s asshole as he lay on a beach chair, completely relaxed!)

For him, I need to take my clothes off, she said, looking at him admiringly,and caressing his (admittedly LOVELY! What a dick he had! Thank you for letting me even SEE it, perfect Master Leroy!  WHAT  A STUD you were, MASTER with a long dangling DICK! What a beauty of a long, black, succulent, snake like cock that was … ah, but I’m getting carried away, but I still remember the pee hole, and the pee that came out of it when Master was drunk!) DICK and his balls (her fingers gently tickled them).

(As Madam Valeries voice tickled MINE so many years ago, and as I did NOT follow up on the time)

(And whether or not this was a fantasy movie – YOU decide. A lot of my life sounds like fantasy when I bring it up, but it isn’t – and for HOW – well – THIS book right here will do it, and then some – A complete guide to understanding dominant females in the Chinese mainland. Truly the DEFINITIVE cours eon it!)

After that, of course, Cuck Central, sissy Central, and Sissy-Gasm Central

But anyway, she continued.

“And for you”, she sneered, making as if to kick my nuts, and I cowered.

“For you, I jus need to show you the bottom of my FEET!”

She said this triumphantly while raising a well pedicured lovely sole up, and so dominant was perfect Madam SU – that I almost came right there without a nipple touch so much!

But anyway you’ve read a lot about Madam Su.

This brings to mind Madam Ashley, who I mentioned int he last email.

And with her, when she was in bed with me the first time, not unexpectedly, I failed to get hard in the normal way.

(Which was her turning off the light and getting under the covers – NO turn on for yours truly cucked, but with boobs the size she had, a stud would be going to town, I’ll give ya that!).

And we tried, and tried.

Finally she put on her clothes.

“I take off clothes, but youd o nothing”, she giggled.

Later that night I had the most gigantic hard on ever as she was sleeping and I moved to press her feet, her lovely soles.

She giggled (woke up) and pulled away, and started to ride me cowgirl.

Like yours truly sissified so loves himself!

And of course, limp dick from limpie central right there and then!

Frustration GALORE.

And therein lies the importance of proper communciation and being HONEST.

Maybe it wouldn’t have turned her on, but said right, it would have!

And thats another missed femdom opportunity right there. Could have gone so many places with Ashley, especially considering she was married to a kung fu master (maybe I’d have sucked his cock and licked his balls too!) … but it didnt.

Oh well.

Perhaps I’ll send this her way! 😉

OR perhaps, I’ll just tell you, the prospective femdom lover what I would have done differently, and thats coming in the new book on missed femdom opportunities.

Stay tuned!


Mike Watson

PS – The new book is helpful – and why, you ask?Well, because many of you have similar situations, but dont know how to handle it, but you WILL once you read this! And it will save you a heck of a lot of frustration, I guarantee that!

PS #2 – For now though, after you grab the manuals above, be sure too to pick up some of our books on Chinese femdom.

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