“I’m elite, and in the top 1%, boy!”

Readers of this email series might recall an instance where (I believe in the last email) I mentioned Madam Jojo and I got into the start of what ended up being a bit of a political discussion?

I think I did – yes, I did, in fact.

And yes, it turned out to be a political discussion – – something which I avoid in general – – and especially in today’s heavily “fragmented” world.

People seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word “middle ground”. It’s either this or that. It’s either this country is bad or that is good.

It’s either you’re a liberal or a Republican. And so forth. You get my drift, and I for one find it nigh pointless to discuss politics in general with most people – especially dominant ladies who have an OPPOSING view.

Then again, the other point of view is this – and this is something I’ve mentioned as a CARDINAL RULE in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the mainland”.

That being – Be REAL. That being, be a man – not always a doormat! Curiously enough speaking UP for what you believe in is something that will actually make her want to dominate you MORE – because you as the sub have a SPINE – a backbone.

No woman wants a submissive doormat 24/7 – believe me when I say that!

And as we concluded our discussion, of course without “getting into know” (and of course with Madam ignoring most of my questions and fact, and NOT bothering to reply to them – and hey, who am I to say – that’s her right!!), she came out with this.

“The top 1% of the country support the government, and they think it’s doing a great job! The top 1% like me (the elite)”, she continued.

There’s more, but after we concluded our discussion (for now – – I really hope she doesn’t bring politics up again, hehe) I had this to say.

“Madam, can you guess what part of what you said I like?”

“Really like, in fact!”

“What”, she asked.

“The fact that you said you’re elite”, I said with a huge grin. “I love that”!

And she is, hehe. No matter what the issue is – no matter what the disagreement is – – no matter WHAT we are talking about – this elite Queen, no less, takes pride in reminding me that at the end of the day she’s always right – and I better understand that, or else!

And that’s what it’s all about my friend. True femdom indeed, and I’ll have more on this “tale” as it develops, hehe.

Alright, my friend, that is it for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Don’t forget to pick up some of our Chinese femdom compilations while you’re at it. They’re always right, and they take great pleasure in reminding you … of that FACT!! Hehe…

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