Regal Madam Vicky, and the GRAY high heels . . .

I wrote about Madam Vicky before.

A regally dominant (except perhaps not as directly so as some other Chinese ladies I’ve had the pleasure of submitting to) lady I once met at G . ..ah, but I’ll let it be.

Suffice it to say that I met her while doing the job (or “a job” I should say) I absolutely despise.

Those on my list know that job, of course! ?

That is teaching English; the ESL song and dance routine, and if there was ever a more useless and degrading (for those with brains that actually do “get it”) vocation for expats in China in general (there are exceptions to this rule, but in general), I’m yet to see it.

And I’m yet to see another job where it’s that easy to meet dominant Chinese ladies! ?

From Madam Venus to Madam Aa Ling, or Jessie, or the “second Jessie” (her of “you should always thank housewives regardless, BOY!) I met them all at learning centers in some way, shape or form.

As Napoleon Hill said, every adversity, every misfortune, every mishap carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit (not the flower of full blown success but the SEED from which this might be made to germinate).

And this man knew a thing or two about not just success, but how SEXUAL DESIRE can be harnessed and transformed into SUCCESS through INSPIRED action.

And he wrote of a famous man who openly once admitted that his beautiful secretary was responsible for most of his brilliant ideas, and that man was by far NOT the only one.

Every time I write a post, it is either a dominant Chinese lady or Indian lady that inspires it! ? And in many if not ALL Cases they KNOW who they are, hehe.

Anyway, where was I.

So I wrote about Vicky before.

And her white high heels, those lovely white heels, for those that don’t know, the post can be found HERE.

And . . . as I saw her post in a group about requiring teachers, I replied.

Not because I want to work at (by the way, the name of the school I used in the “Krystal – The Teaching Assistant” series is VERY CLOSE to the name of the school where Vicky works, and I did not even know who Vicky was at the time I wrote those books! Strange how the subconscious works day and night to bring things, femdom included into reality eh ?).

But because she’s Goddess Vicky, and because she has a lovely figure, and lovely feet, and sexy white high heels, and even if she didn’t, that Chongqing style “hot” femdom FLOODING off her and those lovely eyes are reason enough, and that’s how it should be. It’s never about her looks, body or age boy!

I get tired of saying that, but every time I say it, I think of her and say it with renewed vigor, and guess what boys. It’s TRUE!

Anyway, I asked for a picture.

“Madam, please send me a picture of those heels!”

No response.

“Madam . . . “

I was literally begging by then.

She giggled.

“Gray today!”

And she never did send me the picture, hehe.

But she DID say this suddenly out of the blue.

“You will get teachers for me, OK! Thank you so much!”

The Thank you so much was said as if it were an afterthought and it probably was.

“Madam, you’ve such a nice boss”, I replied. “And so smart!”

She wants full time teachers, which of course means more work for her, and less pay for the unfortunate soul who works there (but there’s plenty of OTHER dominant ladies there, so you might not be as unfortunate as you think, hehe).  .  .

. . . yours truly did part time for her, so I got paid more and worked less.

. . . like I like it! Unless I’m serving Vicky, of course, which is a different story.

And as I told her,

“Madam’s only interested in money! I still remember, she asked me the first day how much I made, including figures etc” .

“Maybe it’s best I beg to give Madam Vicky money”, I finished off.

Peals of laughted ensued, but I know whats that she wants, hehe.

Maybe I’ll beg to buy her gray high heels like I did with Princess Joanie.

We’ll see! ?

For now, it’s adios, and that ends the “triparte” tale of my sissy – cum (pun!) – wet dream last night (I’m writing all these emails at one go, even though I’ll send it later).


Mike Watson

P.S.. –  Donald Trump once said the fingers often can’t keep up with the brain when tweeting. And I hear you, my man. I hear you! I can barely keep up with the thoughts and emotions flooding through me as I write all this . .  .

P.S #2 – Here is where you can read about the imperious Princess Joanie, easily the most dominant lady I’ve ever been with:

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