When will she take CONTROL of my LIFE? Complete and utter control?

I don’t know, my friend.

bUt she’s making me wait, and salivate, and being every bit the GODDESS she is!

So much so that I had to post about it here!

She’s perfect GODDESS ‘7”!

And I asked her the following.

“Goddess 7.

Princess 7.

Madam 7”. (all followed by HUGE GRINS).

“Which one do you prefer, Madam?”

And pat came the reply, and as expected.

“Goddess 7. I prefer Goddess!! <giggle giggle> (she giggles a lot, and it’s cute as heck too!”

(Us sissies love giggles, and girls that do because we do it too! ?).

She also called me a “playboy”, and I asked her if she really thought that.

No answer, of course.

But anyway, let me back up!

This was the perfect, young Madam 7 who I chatted with first in 2018.

She’s been on my list for a while, both when she was single and even now, when she’s married.

And as she responded to a political post I made on WeChat today (I think something about Trump and Alibaba, or what not) she said the following (in response to me “flirting” with her as she said).

“My husband will hit you!”

She giggled.

“Or he’ll kill you!”

And she giggled twice again.

I giggled bacjk.

Tell him, sharing is caring, Madam ….

And I also added that I wasn’t worried about her husband, because WeChat is so conveniently (not?) set up that friends of friends cannot see your “wall” posts. The Chinese are nothing if not cunning in many ways, hehe, especially these lovely ladies, and that’s what draws me most to Goddess 8.

Or 7! (I asked if IC ould call her 8 for reasons I won’t get into here – – I’ll get into it later?).


She’s been following my posts.

She follows and NOTICES the timestamps on my posts!

And she’s alert, agile, and has a mind to boot, and best of all, she’s like a carbon copy of Princess Joanie right down to the shoes…

… except she’s even smarter in some ways, or perhaps I should say she’s married so she’s not as direct, hehe.

“I have big feet!” she giggled when I asked about them.

So many of these lovely ladies say that. Princess Sophia for one! ?

And little do they know, their big, long feet turn yours truly on sooooo much.

Actually, they DO KNOW IT.

I asked her the following.

“So, Goddess 7. When will you take control of me?”

“My life…”

And I left the question open ended, as I shiver with anticipation and pure unbridled lust.

She hasn’t answered as yet. Maybe she will soon. I’ll keep you posted.

For now, Goddess is making me WAIT AND SALIVATE. And so she should. She’s truly a Goddess, a perfect one at that, and I’m just waiting to drop down to my knees and buy her a dress or what ever she commands me to!

Even if it’s a gentle command!

Even if it’s indirect.

FINDOM – I love you and the ladies that so adeptly do it!


Mike Watson

PS – I asked her why she was so intereste din my posts. The timestamps etc.

“I only have 5 foreign friends in my list!” ,she said.

“Not everyone can chat with me”, and then (shyly she continued) “I respect your posts”.

What she meant was a Tigress is on the prowl, and so it should be! For the next meal … and PAYPIG! ?

She’s young, and so access to her is even more limited, and I’m lucky, as I told her!

“Princess, I’m so lucky then. I should consider myself honored!”

“Yes, you should!”

And for more on this – well – – pick up Princess Joanie right NOW … 30% discount if you buy directly off the site! For everyone, cucks included! ?  (but in the future I’ll have specials only for certain categories – stay tuned! ?).

PS #2 – Paye Lagu, perfect Goddess 7!!

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