Jerk boy, JERK!


It’s one of the most powerful fantasies, and indeed, it can happen in real life – often does, except in ways you never imagined possible.

Take for example what I keep mentioning in Sin City Diaries where ladies I literally paid to worship would humiliate me left, right and center – and they’d do it indirectly!

They couldn’t do it directly, or they would.

I wanted them to, but … you know!

But anyway, they hit the nail on the  head none more so than perfect Madam Bao Bao who I’ve written so much about, the lazy and so called erotic Hj provider, the lady who ran away without completing her time with me, and much more!

What a Queen, Goddess!

“Your girlfriend will be very happy, boy!” 

As I pressed her feet, something I was paying her to do for me!

But anyway, you know what the real turn on is in terms of humiliation and jerk off instructions, and other popular and related fetishes?

No, not the act itself.

No, not just the physical body parts involved – although nipples are a huge reason!

(done right – and I teach you how to here).

It’s NOT direct humiliation and abuse.

It’s the INDIRECT way, shining through!

The look of pseudo pity that does it.

“Aww, poor cuckie!” 

And that innate sneer SHOWS!

Like it is with a lovely Korean lady I just saw, who is “fisting’ at you, boy, head cocked to one side.

“You poor slut!” her eyes say.

And she is right!!

Now, lots of you don’t have a woman around, period – and those that do – well, you know what?

She’s not into it …

And it doesn’t quite work if she’s not.

SO there are two choices.

One, TEACH her the right way (and teach yourself, by extension).

And two, simply get my books. The fiction!

If there EVER was JOI material that hits you between the eyes like a wet sock, it’s Watson’s lovely books!

Get you some now.


Mike Watson

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