A truly interesting “sissygasm”!

So, it would be the understatement of the (admittedly short and TOPSY TURVY) year thus far to say that Perfect Madam Jojo, whom I’ve never met … and whose ordered me to come to Shanghai, and whose always superior, no matter what, and whose elite, and whose a queen, and whose …

Oh boy. Enough epithets already, I hear you saying!

Maybe, but it’s never enough, boy! Hehe … the MORE you compliment her, the less it is – and that is femdom affirmation #17 – or was it #117? Hehe!

Anyway, as I went to bed last night I thought of her.

I’ve spoken about thinking about what you want most in your life to happen before going to bed and first thing upon waking up before, of course. Your first and last thoughts DO – I repeat – DO dictate the REALITY that shows up in your life, femdom or not … and naturally, as I thought of kneeling in front of her gorgeous, imperious self and massaging her on “silent slave boy” mode, I got a hard on.

Nothing strange, of course or unique – or not par for the course.

And I’ve been getting them all throughout the day as I talk to her, but last night was different.

I’ve spoken about my orgasm denial (self denial) and NOT cumming like a “real man” does, and indeed, that is one of the very POTENT sissy tips indeed in the book on sissies – – and with good reason – it works!

And last night, I touched my nipples, and believe me, I was so horny I almost came right there and then.

Now, normally Id force myself to go to bed – or try, but given all the conversation going on with Royal Mistress Jojo, it was impossible.

I lay down – – and as I played with my nipples – it happened.

I had an orgasm – except I didn’t.

And much like the most inventive sub orgasm I detailed before (and that really takes the cake thus far, hehe) … THIS one was different too.

It was a sissygasm for sure. Limp dick “spasming” the cum out – – except I didn’t “piss cum” as I would upon P spot stimulation, but I felt even more frustrated at the end of it.

The best way I can think of to describe it is a “limp dick ruined orgasm” – perhaps even more frustrating than the regular kind, heh, and different from a P spot sissygasm.

It milked me, but not fully, and here is my point – – I think I’ve gotten CONDITIONED to the point where I can cum without a hard dick – – and without P spot play – – simply via nipple play, and THOUGHT!

Thoughts truly are things, and one of the things that has been nigh CRUCIAL in this journey is my introduction to P spot play.

Once I started doing this – my sissy journey – – and indeed my overall femdom experiences, already RICH, went to new levels altogether, and (as you can see) CONTINUE to do so.

And I was frustrated – – as I should be – – and I’m hard again writing this, as you can probably tell, hehe.

And that’s today’s message. If YOU too want to “plumb the true heights (depths?? Hehe) of TRUE femdom – and sissifcation” then be sure and pick up the manuals on the same – you’ll never regret it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – There is more on Princess Jojo – that tale is NOT over. Stay tuned!

P.S #2 – And for more such tales, check out our Chinese femdom page right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/

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