Dreaming of my own feet …

Last night I had a long dream again …I cannot remember most of them, but I remember one part – my feet!

For a change, a girl was discussing my feet (well, change unless you know Madam Carol, and her statement about “your feet just like girls!”) … (which my feet are, broad, sexy soles – I’ve often wondered why men call me so beautiful, well, thats one reason! (and why girls call me so handsome, hehe)) …

I kept saying my feet weren’t “long enough”.

But she kept saying they were!

Now, thats another excellent dream to have for reasons I wont get into, but I remember thinking “are they long enough” …

Anyway, thats the update for now.

My indian maid is driving me insane with lust – as if she hasn’t already. Hehe. If you’ve seen the movie “Demolition Man”, you’ll see a scene where Stallone and Bullock (Sandra, hehe) have virtual sex with devices strapped on to them – well, I’ve already done that without with Bhagwati devi so many times she even gives me that coy giggle (careful not to do it in front of the SO, but then again, my SO herself calls her my girlfriend) when she enters the house, Goddess like …

And all the ladies I saw today – my!

Ladies taking selfies, ladies in SARIS, ladies with lovely FEET and even lovelier nailpolish, and the lovely Nidhi Ma’am in a bus with such sexy lipstick I almost fell on my KNEES right there.

That dame’s got the right mix of “showing I’m irritated” when she isn’t actually, makes me want to rub her back anyway!

And be slapped by her, and more …

So thats the femdom musings for now.

Hey, another idea for another product there!

For now, know that our world famous books are slowly, but surely being narrated on Audible.

Madam Carrie – the Compilation is one of the first ones, except Mutt Rogers has got a cold (he’s the narrator). He asked for an extension, which I granted – Madam Carrie might not though. HEhe. We’ll see!

Madam Amanda (though when she’s domming, she uses a different name – smart lady!) has just finished a superbly awesome narration for “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – and we’ll be on Audible shortly in that regard too.

And thats the tale for now.

Pick up some products, join in the merriment, and if you’re a lady on this list, give me your feet, I’ll kiss each toe 10 times and say thank you!

Because, you’re all so NICE!


Mike Watson

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