Mental Conditioning

Dear Reader,

I’ve made no secret of the fact that femdom (and BDSM in general) is NOT so much about looks, body shape, or even “how pretty her feet are” – as it is the MINDSET of both parties involved.

Both, or more for that matter … but yes, the mind is the most important. I’ve always believed this to hold true for vanilla sex as well, but more so BDSM with all it’s nuances, kinks, little “twists”, and of course that oh-so-delicious “look in the eye” that can ONLY come if the person is really, really into it at a deep internal mental level as opposed to superficial.

When I look at women in general, the first thing I notice (after the look in their eye, of course, hehe) is their feet – and soles – and the first thought that pops into mind is “how could I best serve her” – along with other associated thoughts, of course.

How would her soles look as she is relaxing? What sort of massage would suit her best?

What kind of cock would she prefer? How does she prefer her housework done? And so on, and so forth – and none of this is forced, by the way. It’s always come naturally to me, and in terms of making the play that much more intense, I enhance that “conditioning” as much as I can on a daily basis for myself and my partner’s benefit.

And that is what YOU too should do, my dear reader, especially if you’re a guy reading this.

Too many guys feel guilty about enjoying their “base” pleasures – especially when said pleasures aren’t “mainstream”.

“What will she think?”

“Should I really be doing this??”

And so forth. Doubts pour forth, unsavory thoughts creep in, and before you know it, what was once one of the sexiest things to do for the individual has turned into a guilt ridden, doubt fraught session – which completely drains all the fun (no pun intended!).

And conditioning the mind is a great way to get rid of these unsavory thoughts and anal play with a willing partner is one of the best ways a male sub can do this.

There are few other sensations compared to being literally “penetrated” (as a woman would) – the very act itself is “debasing” in itself to a degree, and of course, the various social stigmas associated with being “gay” can also be used to humiliate the male more.

The key of course is two fold – one being the pleasure one can get from anal play done right – and done right, the mind will automatically condition itself to expect pleasure that way as opposed to regular sex. Believe me, this will happen faster than you think possible!

And second, and more important – make sure you do it with a WILLING partner. There is nothing quite like a partner who is naturally into this too, and who literally teases you as she fucks you – or penetrates you – and talks “down” to you.

“Ah, you little bitch. I bet you’re thinking of those big black cocks, aren’t you?”

“That beautiful cut cockhead” … (snicker, snicker…)

Nipple tweak, that beautiful finger caressing my left nipple just that much … and that sneering, knowing, and ultimately loving look in her eye – and THAT, my friend is really what does it.

She knows you don’t deserve sex with her. She knows you deserve her feet – and soles – and her orders. And she knows SHE is ultimately the boss … as it should be, and this sort of play just reinforces the submissive vibe of the entire “scene” – and that to me is the ultimate goal!

And as she drains you, as the waves of ecstasy wash over you, relax, and remember that your hers.

Remember what I just said above. Remember the big dicks that get you hard, and remember the humiliation that so turns you on.

And most of all, remember that LOOK in the eye – and do so WHILE being drained!

And that, my dear reader, is one of the most powerful conditioning tools ever. Try it out with due caution – and let me know how it goes!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Cuckolding is another fantasy that follows on naturally from the above, and if you’re curious about how to progress into a full blown cuckold lifestyle – well – have no fear – I’ve got just the manual for you – 

P.S #2 – Thank you so much for your time and “attention”, Princess Joanie. I think of you every time I look at the manual above!

P.P.S – More novels on the way as well – Princess Joanie – Volume #1 is half written – stay tuned!

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