The three pairs of long Indian soles I saw last night! (or the entire day!)

Well, well, well!

I dont know, I wrote about Madam in red – the older lady – whose SOLES – feet up on the balcony – I saw last afternoon which drove me into a frenzy of lust I haven’t been for ages!

Little did I know that was a harbinger – a lovely one – of things to come.

Little did I know I’d dream of almost being run over by a massive red bus – being HEMMED in by two of them – and more! Hehe. (that happened last night).

But anyway red … this isn’t really about red nailpolish, or Ma’am’s red dress, but it’s about … whats its about?

Well, it’s about the three pairs of SOLES I saw yesterday!

All Indian soles!

You on my Twitter list know I said I wouldn’t write about it – since I did before!

(and if you want to unfollow me because I dont keep giving out freebies, please do do it!) 

(I HATE freebie seekers, and social “shedia” is full of these flakes). 

But, I want to write about it again, I dont know, such lovely soles!

One, in a movie – a lady you wouldn’t think is attractive at all, at least I didn’t.

Short hair, fully clothed, I dont know, complaining all the time about something … but to me?

“Ma’am, can I press your head and shoulders!” 

And Ma’am cheated in the movie, there is a scene in which she “accidentally dies”, a scene in which she is lying on the bed … and both scenes?

One – the soles were DIRTY!


And two, the soles were long, the feet nothing to write home about, but the soles, as always, they DO IT, don’t they!


Then, two – and perhaps the most attractive of the lot.

A dominating “maid” of sorts working for a gangster “sort of” in love with her.

On the floor, cooking, cleaning, doing everything a maid should … But she extends her lovely legs, and the SOLE is visible!

It’s not long, but the ANKLET, oh my!

Anklets are so damn SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And I dont know, her attitude, her skin, her FOOT, her SOLE, as she does the housework – so-NICE!

I wanted to press Madam’s feet right THERE!

And worship and serve HER!

That South Indian accent of hers, so NICE!

…. Then #3, some song – or video or something, a party, plenty of Chinese girls in it, and one Indian girl with a LONG sole trailing up her calf.

Just a brief shot.

But that was enough to get my blood roaring!


my oh my.

So why do I write about this?

I dont know, if just to say – long soles are so nice, so SEXY!

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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