Dreaming fetish!

Dear Reader,

Nah, this isn’t about a new fetish – – although I’m sure there are those that might “get off” on their partners dreaming, hehe.

This is about DREAMS – the power of the subconscious – and all of this in terms of fetish – spicy and erotic fetish if I might say so!

I often say all my writing is done in the flow and from the heart – – and part  of – – or should I say one of the BIGGEST reasons this is possible is because my writings is done from the subconscious.

Quite literally, my friend. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started a new book on a “whim” as it were – – and then literally didn’t stop to do ANYTHING until I finished that book.

And if finishing it necessitated a few hours of sleep while I was it – – so be it –  – but the intense effort that I put in during the day (along with singular focus on my BOOK) ensured that I had new material ready “at my fingertips” to write about as soon as I woke up.

In other words, my subconscious “wrote” the book for me as I slept – – and strange, powerful or unique as it might sound – – here’s the thing – – there is nothing “strange” about it whatsoever – – though yes I’d agree with the latter two descriptors!

Dreams are part of how this happens.

When I first met the lovely Princess Joanie online, I didn’t start out by talking about fetish to her. Not at all. It was plain ole vanilla convos – – and yet, a few days after I met her I had this dream of her and her friend laughing at me – – and humiliating me in a “semi-public” scene – – just the way I mention it in many of my stories (Sophia Bai being one of them) – – and guess what?

It HAPPENED a few weeks later – – without me even consciously remembering the dream until after it happened.

I had a disagreement on a biz issues with a lady last  November, and a few days later I dreamt that I was going to “meet her”.

The dream didn’t specify how or where – just that it would happen VERY SOON.

And as I paid my utilities that afternoon – guess who I met – that lady – who was doing the same thing I was i.e. paying her utilities!

I cannot tell you how many times my dreams have predicted things – – and warned me of dangers or “problems” to come – – and they’ve been SPOT ON in ALL cases!

There’s keys and tricks to “talking to your subconscious” of course and intensifying your vibes – but I could write tomes on that – and now is not the time, hehe.

Back to fetish – my dream this morning was about a lady (perhaps my S.O. – but I’m not sure) reclining on a couch as another lady (presumably a maid from the subcontinent judging by the “appearance” in my dream) cleaned the room.

But there were muddy footprints left ALL over the pristine white floor even after cleaning! Not sure why – – if that happened when I was cleaning Madam Suvi’s house, she’d put me task in more ways than one for sure!

That, by the way is TRULY a case of a book written in the flow. I didn’t even pause to eat while I hammered out them 20,000 or so words – – and the book “Mai, my lovely Indian Maid” (title later changed to “My lovely Indian Maid“) is available right HERE – – https://www.amazon.com/My-Lovely-Indian-Maid-cleaning-ebook/dp/B075VJ8QL8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1506567086&sr=1-1&keywords=my+lovely+indian+maid

Anyway, I saw a foot in the dream.

A small foot – shod in a sandal, and my S.O. (she’s clear at this point in the dream!) was clearly taunting me with a forefinger pointed STRAIGHT at her feet, as the other lady looked back in a triumphant sort of manner.

“Go ahead, do it! Follow her, boy!”

The words are still ringing in my brain as I write this – and I have NO doubt this dream will manifest as well in some way, shape or form as the rest have – – and I’ll certainly keep y’all posted on that!

I’ve also been dreaming of a certain “Ashley” as of late. Now, yes, I was involved at some point in time with a lady by that name but it was a fleeting association with little or no “play” – so I’m not sure why my brain is “tuning into” that wavelength, so to speak.

Maybe we’re both subconsciously on the same wavelength NOW?

Who knows – I’ll keep you posted there as well!

OK, thats it for now. Key takeaway from today’s email is this – pay close, close attention to your dreams – – both your “real life dreams” and dreams while you sleep – -and nurture them closely as they grow.

You’ll be nigh shocked at how your life changes in a trice if you do this right!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The “Garima Madam” series is a great one if you’re into femdom from the Indian subcontinent – –


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