Chinese airhostess foot worship – and more!

Air hostesses, my friend – are another one of those categories of ladies that are SO much – I wont even say just fun, but an HONOR to worship!

As I told a certain Madam this morning (who said “she doesnt like me looking at her soles” – this was in response to a comment I made on her social media post about another girl putting her feet up on a table unashamedly, and she was telling her “can someone tell this lady to put her feet down”, and I responded “please dont tell her, Madam!!!”) …

“Madam, dont feel bad. I can’t help but worship you!”

The response was a “oh my God” with giggles. Hehe.

But it’s true!

In Sin City Diaries, a book dedicated to worshipping sex workers in China – some of the most downtrodden, and looked down upon ladies – and massage workers (same) – I mention ALL about how I worshipped them – even when I paid for the opposite – and why it’s such a sheer pleasure to do it – for all ladies, but especially downtrodden ladies!

As Madam Gaby so sage(ssly) once said ..

“You’re on the right track!”

I so wish she had added on “boy”, but the tone was there! Hehe.

I’ve spoken about the same feeling for Indian maids…

And air hostesss!

Look at the two Queens below for one –

Especially Madam Ji on the right!

Wouldn’t you DIE to BEG to worship her, let alone do it ?

Tired, exhausted, cranky, irritable…

As I keep telling Madam Sophia who is always in a mood to slap me – I like that SO MUCH!

And especially Madam Ji ont he right, you can see how TIRED she is!

Those soles, encased in the high heels these poor ladies HAVE to wear, the unfair pressure to “fit into uniforms and be slim”, and … dealing with unruly passengers, and long hours, and …

… on that note a story!

I once traveled on a flight to India where the air hostesses were anything but slim and sexy as described above.

It was Air India, easily one of the worst airlines (in terms of maintenance, service, delays, everything, and this was long before covid!) I’ve traveled in.

The air hostesses were fat, overweight, and didnt even wear skirts as most do – they were in “sarees” – that lovely Indian garment which flatters a lady so!

I asked one for beer during the flight.

I expected her to politely bring me one, I’d thank her – and that would be that.

Instead, Madam looked at me up and down! (her name was Pooja).

She bustled off, showed up with four beers, and dumped them – literally – on my lap.

“You’ll want more anyway!”

And off she went, so she didnt have to come again to me, without so much as a thank you, or even waiting for me to say it, while I just kept fumbling with the beers on my lap.

An international airline with service like this, most of you wouldn’t believe it, but Air India is like that. Their TV screens dont work, half of the charging points dont work, it’s all “lassiez fairre” i.e. if this doesnt work “just go to another seat and try!”.

They could truly care less.


Perhaps this lady was the motivation behind the Pooja in Serving an Indian Goddess (where I mention the above tale in more detail, I believe) – and Pooja Memsahib … JI! (easily the most blase and debase book I’ve ever written).

Both are different ladies.

But the inspiration is likely the same.

And Madam, if she was here, I’d rub her back, shoulders, kiss her tired feet, and beg her to slap me!

And thank her for the service. Hehe.

There was once even a case where one of these air hostesses made a poor servant girl (in real life) stand for hours with make up etc behind them, massage them for hours when they got home …

… it was a well publicized case, no, I dont support it. Certain things in the subcontinent will never change, I suppose!

But to do it for her (me) – that would be such an honor!

I’d literally beg to lick her stockings… and I did that in Serving an Indian Goddess, of course, except those were sweaty tennis socks!

You’ll want to get the above books now if you’re a true femdom lover – all classics from the Watson library, if I might say so. I still remember my last publisher saying “Mike, we’ll need a whole library just for your books!”.


He’s right.

I’m just getting started.

And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – I saw Pooja Memsahibs lovely strong OLDER brown forearms again the other day, not handing out vegetables anymore, of course. Shes long past that. Now, it’s just SLAPS, boy, and I love her so much for it! She is SO NICE!

Paye Lagu, Madam! Sucking the sweat off your socks is the greatest honor ever!!

PPS – If there is ONE theme that sums up Submissive Musings in Mainland China and the ABJECT CRAVEN DEVOTION mentioned in them so well? IT is this –


Madam, PLEASE! Madam, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Madam Paye LAgu, you are SO NICE!!!!!!!!!


Yes, Ma’am!

The feet are so nice, so BROAD, I could write TOMES! Madam, you’re SO NICE!

PPS (again) – there was even a great CLIP of Chinese air hostess foot worship. I’ll see if I can find it for y’all and put it here! In the meantime, get the books above. Youll love ’em!

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