The Indian “Goddess” I met at the park

Dear Reader,

Most of you on this email list (which seems to grown fairly substantially, btw!) know that while Mike Watson is many things – writer, entrepreneur, and a bonafide fanatical slave to the lovely ladies from the Chinese mainland that he so often talks about – WORKING OUT is one of is other pet passions, and one he nurtures with great care indeed.

And so he should – and should YOU should, my friend – working out regularly is KEY to keeping your horomones and sex drive at optimal levels – and if you’re into orgasm denial – – or even ruined orgasms – – believe me, the sheer mixture of the “suppressed” orgasm (read “ejaculate”) plus the sheer LUST and sex drive the right workouts can give you will literally make your head spin if you do it right.

Workouts should be chosen with care, of course.

It’s short intense routines – BURSTS, if I might say so – done with bodyweight that give you the max benefit for your buck both healthwise and “lust” wise – – but hey, wait a minute.

I seem to going off on an exercise tangent here, don’t I?

Ok, ok. I know. My bad!

So anyway, I often work out outdoors at a local park, and this lady – this Indian lady shows up  often.

By the looks of her she doesn’t look like she’s much of an exercise fan – if anything, she probably rarely does anything other than slow walks.

But I’ve seen her so many times in that park that I know it’s not a “coincidence” (not that I believe in those anyway) and she’s always there at the same times I am – for a reason! (and the other way around too – I’m there when she is for a reason too).

Vibes, vibes, VIBES, and though this lady is usually fully clothed from head to toe – though she’s middle aged and has a child – and though she appears to be married – does any of it take away from the sheer SEXUALITY that exudes from her?

I’m not sure what exact preferences she has in that regard, of course, being that I’ve never actually spoken to her, but boy does she have that look in the eye!

THAT look in the eye – – the look I refer to SO OFTEN in all my writings!

That look that clearly says, “I own you, BOY!”

The look that speaks volumes – – and the look, which combined with a slight flick and a knowing, raised eyebrow can literally bring a man to his knees – – even an outwardly “strong, virile male” (as I’ve often been referred to) like yours truly!

I’ve seen her feet once – lovely, broad feet with the toes usually painted a shade of deep red – – or light pink.

And when she’s wearing sandals, the dust on the park sticks to her soles, and it takes me ALL the self control I’ve got not to literally drop to my knees and “kiss the dust” between her lovely feet!

And all this with barely ANY skin show – other than a lovely forefinger with a nicely manicured nail and light colored nailpolish that somehow “glistens” when that finger is raised.

The other day she passed by me, and gave me a look – a fleeting, brief look – barely a second if even that – but the VIBES said it all, my friend.

The VIBES (as opposed to the monsoon humidity) were what hung in the air, and as she moved away, I was in a state of delirium – and have been since then.

I ended up breaking my self imposed chastity for this lovely lady as well – – and though it was more of a ruined orgasm than anything else, I’ll admit that it was probably 10% real and 90% ruined – – as opposed to close to 100% ruined – – but did it matter?

Not an iota. The minute I think about her, I “spring to attention” again, and that is what is happening right now.

A true Goddess if there ever was one. Perhaps an older version of Goddess Priyanka who I wrote about (what seems like) all these years ago?

Perhaps her name IS Priyanka?

Who knows – but I do know the effect she’s having upon me – and I do know just how hard it is to keep a raging boner in check in that regard as well!

And it isn’t just her. As I have spoken about before, dominant women seem to come out of the woodwork “naturally” the more I deny myself – – and truth be told, it doesn’t even take a word sometimes before sparks start to fly.

And no, age doesnt matter. Her body shape doesnt matter. It may enhance the attraction, but it isnt the primary source of attraction – – not even close!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – her MIND – and her mentality is what is important! And it all, at the end of the day comes down to that look in the eye – – the raised eyebrow, and of course the raised forefinger as well … 😉

So if you’re a male currently in the well populated boat of “I never seem to attract the right ladies” – – well this email right here has some great tips for you. See if you can spot ’em!

Along with that, if you are truly interested in honing, building and PERFECTING that submissive vibe of yours, guys, then be sure to halt any and all full orgasms from here on in.

Experience the sheer mental bliss and SUSTAINED feeling of LUST — and increased submissiveness towards your lady while you’re on the “ruined orgasm” program – – and chances are, as they say, you’ll never go back!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Do ya’ll remember the dude I spoke about often – – the one I was communicating with on Twitter? The one that was “new to being locked up” – but quickly grew into it and is apparently enjoying it? Well, I heard back from him and here is what he told me : –

I don’t think I’m going to get to cum very much anymore. I’m getting a new metal cage (note – he upgraded from plastic!). Comes Friday. I can’t help it. I feel good in it! Though of being cage free seems UGH! I like wearing it. Makes me feel secure and Owned. And I like that feeling! Vanilla sex no more. It’s overrated.

My response – – Indeed, my friend. INDEED – as I told you all those messages ago, vanilla sex can be quite overrated at times – – especially when you tune into your submissive side the right way. You’ll never want to go back!

P.S #2 – Here, for your reference, are the “Indian Goddess” novels I refer to in my post – – Serving an Indian Goddess – Spicy and Erotic Fetish  – and Serving an Indian Goddess (sequel) – Spicy and Erotic Fetish




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