Her foot, and the BOTTOM (it’s very important boy!) – and why the TOP should SMASH into my BALLS!

Big news!

Another spanking – pun intended, hehe – NEW – pun intended again, since a lot of ya’ll are gonna COME – CUM simply by reading it course coming out.

For the life of me, I don’t know why I didn’t put this course out before.

But along with Ruined Orgasms, Sissy gasms, the courses to becoming a perfect cuck and sissy – well and with Femdom Central etc … I had left ONE thing out.

Those forefingers go ONE place – FIRST!

The nipples!

It’s how these lovely ladies have ALL started to control me – and the journey of a thousand miles DOES start with a single step!

And believe you me, it’s the ride of your lifetime, pun intended.

Or maybe not.

But believe this too – this course will be UNLIKE any other I have put out as yet, especially with the BONUS at the end (and that experience alone is worth it, I’d say).

What a GODDESS that lady was!

Who you might ask.

Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

16 ways to give him a nipplegasm, no less, but believe me now and trust me later, this can be used, just as Madam Dani so rightly said about the course on ruined orgasms, and attracting the dominant female of your dreams into your life.

She’s always right of course.


But I doubt she’d say about Cuck central. Hehe.

But anyway, what I want to ask her now, but won’t, and haven’t NOW – but will in the future?

A picture of her feet!

Well, I DID ask her that, and she asked me how much I’d pay for it, boy!

So she SHOULD!

But she’s an independent “50/50” (as she says) lady to be honest.

And we all know, and thats mentioned in the book – THAT is the type that should dominate us. They all should, but … well, while males belong underfoot (woman) – – that sort of CONFIDENCE and INDEPENDENCE is such a turn on!

Anyway, I’m going to ask for a picture of her soles.

And I’ll wish it’ll SMASH into my ballls – the very center.


Because I’ll fall down.

Immobilized for a while (Madam, please don’t do it TOO hard, as I requested Portia, hehe).

But Dani is different!

She’s such a perfect QUEEN!

And Ill fall, my lips touching the top of her feet.

The bottom, then top!

Just the way a true sub should start, hehe.

Start by worshipping and talking to the bottom of her feet, and NEVER progress beyond her toes, boy!

She’s not your equal.


And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to pick up some books on Chinese femdom HERE.

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