Findom and why it’s such a huge, huge TURN ON!

Dear Reader,

Well, so I posted a picture of the lovely Princess Joanie’s legs – – and feet (which to be honest is all I’m “allowed” to see anyway, hehe) on Twitter – – feet that were comfortably ensconced in sand – – while the lovely, imperious lady is on vacation at the beach with her friends.

And while I work at home – as it SHOULD be! 😉

No prizes for guessing who (or how) paid for that holiday as well.

Ditto for Madam Pearl’s pink dress and the “shopping” that she so happily had me do for her every week.

“Boy, I send you pictures of my feet, now you buy me things!” was as simple as it got (usually at night) and then it was followed by “Alright, servant! Rub my waist for me as I sleep!”

These – and other delightfully charged and erotic moments/encounters are detailed in Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume #1, but for now, back to the central topic.

What exactly is such a huge, huge turn on about financial domination?

A quick search on Twitter (BDSM related) will reveal that the hashtags #findom and #paypig (amongst other related ones) are the most popular by far.

Now hold on, you might be saying. I can understand fetishes – a foot fetish, for instance. After all, that’s a body part and even fetishists have “preferences”, right?

Clean feet, dirty feet, humiliation … and so forth. At least there is a “choice”!

But here?

In terms of financial domination, or “wallet raping” as it’s referred to – – what “choice” does the guy have – – and why exactly is it such a turn on for a lot of guys?

Well, it depends!

I can tell you one thing for sure – a submissive side to the male usually ends up leading him into financial domination EITHER way – whether he likes it or not. After all, isn’t that the natural order of things anyway?

Not only does the man provide – but he SERVES the lady and is uber respectful while providing for her – while she commands, obeys, relaxed and reigns supreme in general.

And that, right there is the nub – both for the Domina (it’s always about HER, as the gorgeous Madam Krystal has drilled into my mind!) and the sub, but we’ll talk about the sub here.

What could be more submissive than giving over ALL control?

Money, at the end of the day is the yardstick that most men are either (fortunately or unfortunately) measured by in today’s society.

In times bygone, men would shower ladies with different items.

Cavemen would vie with each other for female attention. Down the line, as man evolved, it was customary for me to buy fine mink coats and horse drawn chariots – and so forth – to “impress” the female.

And now, it’s sports cars – Gucci handbags – high heels, and pink dresses galore, hehe.

The core theme here?

Men buying for women – – and not only does the findom aspect satisfy the sub-primal urge ALL heterosexual men have to “please” the woman – – it also takes away his main source of “control” (that being his money).

I know it was immensely satisfying to massage Pearl’s feet as she lay there comfortably, legs spread wide apart like a true Queen’s would – –  and be ordered to switch over to her waist – or shoulders – or back – at her whim – and usually while she was chatting on the phone to God only knows who.

It was even more of a turn on when she wickedly once mentioned me getting her ready for a hot date.

And the pinnacle was when she made me BUY her high heels for that hot date – – which she never ostensibly went on (as far as I know) until now – – but something that was high on the agenda nonetheless!

So to me – and to most men – it’s about the sheer unequal nature of the power exchange multiplied by a factor of about a 100 when it comes to FINANCIAL domination!

That’s my take on it, anyway. If you’ve got a different slant on it – – shoot me your thoughts – – I’d love to hear from you findom enthusiasts on this one!

Alright – that’s that for this note. I’ll be back again soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The Sophia Bai series is another great one you HAVE to be read in case you’re interested in both the findom and humiliation side of things!


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