Serving an Indian Goddess – Part three of three

Serving an Indian Goddess – Part three of three

Jyoti Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

This Volume takes you onward from where Volume Two left off. You’ll enjoy the femdom tales and experiences I was put through – as Madam learnt more and more about it too (though it was always there in both of us – hehe) – and you’ll enjoy or perhaps … well, be STUNNED at the entirely unexpected occurence at the end of the book.

Life always, as the great PG Wodehouse once said, KICKS you in the seat of the pants when everything is going swimmingly well – no pun there either!

Yet, what is meant to be WILL be.

Que sera sera, and on that note, dive in.

Paye Lagu, Jyoti Ma’am. I will forever be YOURS – and am.


Mike Watson

PS – Truly one guy’s journey into servitude like never before with the lady he was MEANT To serve!

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