Id happily slurp that hot, sexy load…

Recent – and REAL Twitter convo –

YOu’re so LOVELY, Michelle. Isnt it nice when men are so horny (alphas) their PENISES POINT up – bobbing – life of their own? So NICE!   That cock slit!??


So love it when men are horny, those penis point up ERECT, life of their own!

About to happen again as I look at the penis pointing at me, the DENSE pubes so manly and inviting. It’s ROCK hard, bobbing up, makes all the difference, a life of its own !  (oh those PUBES! I was referring to my cum in pant, hehe) 

Oh, Ma’am! penis and alphamales make it SO WORTH IT! Of course, without YOU at the helm, no use. Hehe.

Cocks and loads. Just too nice, heh.

Cocks, loads and cucks I should say! 

When men’s loads shoot SPATTERING the camera. OH MY!

And given that background – here goes!

It was steaming hot, thick – almost like pudding! The tastiest, SLOPPIEST, BLEACHIEST EVER!



It WAS PUDDING – the best ever!

And as he came, for a change, it wasn’t about penis – it was not about women, or even domination mostly – it wasn’t about the innovative video he shot, it wasn’t about anything other than, in fact, despite his sexy manly hairy chest and all, I didnt even notice, until … well, he shot!

Until that load emerged.

It was a thick load, and while he didnt shoot forcefully, BLOBS of cum came out – lots of it – kinda like with me when I sissygasm (well, not sissygasm, thats a “rush”- but “cum in pant“) …

And it just kept coming – in huge thick circular amounts.


Reminds me of when I was 13, uber horny, I came like that without even realizing masturbating in front of the sink. Hehe.

Reminds of also of several other instances I won’t mention here – now.


I am ALWAYS horny, but this morning, after a lengthy business session, I was exhausted – and from my other workouts too.

Lack of sleep too maybe, all the femdom I’ve looked at this morning, stuff that would have me gushing normally?

Hasnt done much at all for me NOW.

Not even the lovely Sophia …

But as soon as he CAME – remember, the penis is lovely, but it wasn’t doing the trick – until he CAME!

His pleasure?

I dont know, I didnt hear the moans, but the visual impact of that load was so nice!

As my own loads have been described as, “hot thick load”!

And thats how it should be, of course.

Anyway I’m out.

Cock worshippers, get the premier course on it here.

I’d happily slurp – lick that load up from the envelope on which he shot, smell it all day, get the scent embedded deep in my nostrils, gargle and guzzle it and more …

Maybe cum loving should be the next book, eh.

Maybe it will. Hehe.

BAck soon!



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